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Friday, December 2, 2016

The Tweeds - 2016 - I Need That Record- The Tweeds Anthology

The Tweeds - 2016 - I Need That Record- The Tweeds Anthology
In FLAC - Front picture only

1 If I Could Only Dance
2 I'm Thru
3 Shortwave
4 Teen Love
5 Ode to a Glicknick (The Larry Glick Song)
6 Underwater Girl
7 My Memories
8 Postcard
9 I Need That Record
10 Hey Baby
11 Later Tonight
12 She's the Girl (Who Said No)
13 I've Got Rock
14 We Ran Ourselves
15 Away from You
16 Underwater Girl (Eat Records Version)
17 Part of the Game
18 No More

Usually Numero reissues come with lengthy bios and myriad facts about careers gone astray, labels that were pockets of talent or early careers that were overlooked. This one seems a bit oddly rushed for Numero, in that its only available digitally and there don’t seem to be any notes with it. However, for those familiar with their Yellow Pills comp, the name Tweeds should be familiar. They showed up on both the early CD version of Prefill and Numero’s later issue of Buttons. The band was from Massachusetts and issued a small string of singles and EPs from 1977 – 1981, the most famous of which is probably 1980’s Perfect Fit which contains their most lasting tracks “I Need That Record” and “The Girl Who Said No” LET'S HOPE FOR A REAL RELEASE ON RECORD AND CD!!!

Special Thanks to Jpaul for this brilliant contribution!


Anonymous said...

The lead singer of the Tweeds was named George Godding, he was from Chelsea, Massachusetts, and as a child he sang on a TV commercial. He was also a brilliant songwriter. Mark McHugh was another guy in the band. Both were songwriters. Both were 60s fanatics at a time (1970s and early 80s) when that was so un-cool it was cool. I'm looking at the other two guys, and they look familiar. Perhaps they were in the The Tweeds much better predecessor band, the Back Street Beat. The Back Street Beat recorded some fantastic sides, wonderful originals -- as well as a dynamite Merseybeat version of "Where is Love?" from the musical Oliver. If anyone could post good version of those Back Street Beat tapes, it would rewrite music history. They were as good as any 60s pop pastiche done since the 70s, and better than all except maybe the Spongetones. I mean, they were good.

Anonymous said...

I knew George for several years. Great guy, great musician. What is he doing now? I know he and his wife Robin did some music together - they still performing?