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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Hollywood Brats - 2016- Sick On You

The Hollywood Brats - 2016- Sick On You
In FLAC - Artwork is included

Disc One: Sick On You
1-1 Chez Maximes
1-2 Another School Day
1-3 Nightmare
1-4 Empty Bottles
1-5 Courtesan
1-6 Then He Kissed Me
1-7 Tumble With Me
1-8 Zurich 17
1-9 Southern Belles
1-10 Drowning Sorrows
1-11 Sick On You

2-1 I Need You
2-2 Little Ol' Wine Drinker
2-3 Son Of A Wizard
2-4 Red Leather
2-5 Sweet Little Sixteen (Live)
2-6 Borgia Street
2-7 I Ain't Got You
2-8 She Got Class
2-9 Hootchie Cootchie Man
2-10 Trucker's Lament
2-11 St Louis Blues
2-12 Mic Mac Blues
2-13 Oh What A Show
2-14 Suckin' On Suzie
2-15 It's Not Funny

Born out of the imagination of singer Andrew Matheson and his musical ally and partner in crime Casino Steel, the band went on to lay the foundations of what would become punk rock, guzzling up every gallon of glitter juice they could blag and leaving no stiletto unturned along the way. London’s hottest nightspots became their playground, Keith Moon their cheerleader and every record label in town detested them.
The classic ‘lost’ debut from London proto-punk legends and masters of disorder The Hollywood Brats
Newly remastered by keyboardist Casino Steel and now resplendent with a second disc of previously unheard outtakes, rarities, live tracks and curios.

Special Thanks to JPAUL for this glammy contribution.


Honquijote said...

- Thanks for delivering the goods...again.

B.Razz said...

Wow, It really is beginning to look a lot like xmas!! I`ve got the 1st two albums, but given that the 2nd one has got a few songs from the first as filler, this set of discs is way more complete. Cant wait to hear those extra tracks! Nice one!!

Anonymous said...

Some request:
I'm desesperate looking for those albums. I hope somebody could share them.


tom said...

Thanks, another one to cross off the want list - happy holidays

Anonymous said...

Tellement bon ! énormes mercis !!!

DEE DEE said...

Another fantastic post! Thanks a lot Mr Ratboy & JPaul. Keep on rockin'

MisterManic said...

Late to the party, but excited to hear this. Love The Boys, but sadly unaware of this earlier band. Thanks for sharing this!