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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Forthcoming releases on the Marvelous RUMBAR Records label

1) The Cheap Cassettes - 'All Anxious, All The Time'!! 

The Cheap Cassettes are a rock and roll band formed out of the ashes of the Dimestore Haloes. Their three chord rumble encompasses elements of punk, power pop, glam, and classic, timeless mid century rock and roll music. The Haloes thrived during the mid to late 90's punk explosion, and were very much disciples of the Clash. After releasing four full length records and multiple singles, as well as sharing stages with the world class elite of underground punk rock, the Haloes called it a day in 2003. 

Fast forward to the present day, and two former Dimestore Haloes (Chaz and Kevin) with the addition of fellow Boston to Seattle transplant Mike Isberg on bass have formed a vital new rock and roll band. Recording long distance from several different states from 2011-2015, "All Anxious All the Time" is an album born of a long period of living, writing and recording rock and roll. Finally settling in Seattle in 2014, Chaz and Kevin began playing out on the energetic Seattle underground rock and roll scene. Joining the ranks of like minded power pop/punk rock Pacific Northwest bands like The Exploding Hearts or The Briefs.

The Cheap Cassettes play high energy, lo-fi garage pop in the tradition of bands like the Replacements, the Buzzcocks and Cheap Trick. Grab yourself a copy of "All Anxious, All The Time" on Rum Bar Records!

2)The Connection - Just For Fun

Hitting their home studio as the year came to a close, Brad Marino, Geoff Palmer and the boys in the band, including a slew of special guest veterans from the hey day when pop punk ruled the fanzines, record shelves, and airwaves, featuring Chris “B-Face” Barnard on bass (The Queers/Groovie Ghoulies), The Connection have gone back to their roots, crate digging, paying homage to their heroes in this 10 song collection “Just For Fun”. 

Produced by Brad and Geoff, mixed by Mike Kennerty (All American Rejects), and mastered by Mass Giorgini (who has had a hand in everything pop punk from Green Day to Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Groovie Ghoulies, and more), “Just For Fun” cranks out a set list that could have been spun in your favorite DJ’s set, heard on your favorite bar’s jukebox, or hummed in your head for weeks on end. Taking a refreshing, straight ahead, all thrills ride, The Connection nail it on the rock n roll song book with “Teenage News” (Sylvain Sylvain), “Get Of Denver” (Bob Seger), “No Expectations” (Rolling Stones), “Southern Girls” (Cheap Trick), and the ferocious, scorching lead single “Stay With Me” (The Dictators).

releases February 3, 2017 

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musicyoucan said...

Hi Ratboy69
I bought yesterday the last The Connections. It is Excellent as usual with each The Connections opus.
Thank you for all your advises.