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Friday, February 19, 2021

Radio Days - I Got a Love

Radio Days are a power pop trio hailing from Milan, Italy. They have been on the scene since 2008, playing in their current line up since 2015. They are the perfect mix of Beatlesque melodies and 70's punk energy; easily combining the sounds of early Elvis Costello, the Rubinoos' vocal harmonies, Big Stars' scratching determination and the Knacks' catchy melodies. 

Their latest release is a 3 tracks single 7” vinyl out since a few weeks on Spanish label Snap! Records. The A-side and leading track,‘I Got a Love’, is catchy as hell and contains an infectious riff that could come straight out of Carnaby Street. The lyrics speak of a love we all desire and can relate too, if even on a superficial level. This track is taken from their forthcoming album "Rave On!" which will be released on 21 May 2021

The 2 tracks on the B-Side are exclusive to this release: ‘Baby Blue’ is a piece of nostalgia, channelling Beach Boys harmonies and featuring Spanish singer Lia Pamina on vocals but the real fine surprise here is Radio Days' take on ‘In The City’. It gives the song a whole new dimension and is worth alone the price of admission.

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