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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kurt Baker - Two Classic Albums on one CD

Kurt Baker - Two Classic Albums on one CD
In WAV - Scans are included

1. Just Forget About It 
2. Don't Steal My Heart Away 
3. Can't Have Her Back 
4. Kiss Me 
5. Why You Gotta Lie? 
6. The Problem 
7. Why You Gotta Lie? (Acoustic Demo) 
8. Let Me Out 
9. Hanging On The Telephone 
10. Pump It Up 
11. I've Done Everything For You 
12. Is She Really Going Out With Him? 
13. Cruel To Be Kind 
14. Turning Japanese 
15. Trouble Boys (Bonus Track)

The title says it all : This CD contains both albums "Got It Covered" and "Rockin For A Living" plus two rare bonus tracks "Why You Gotta Lie? (Acoustic Demo)" and "Trouble Boys".

1 comment:

geololo said...

Hi Ratboy,

great modern power pop that remind us the late 70's great period for this music style…
Thank you very much for this.