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Thursday, November 3, 2016


TWELVE STRING HIGH was very recently released on YOU ARE THE COSMOS.

This blog takes the opportunity of the release of this ever so brilliant compilation on 2LP Gatefold or cd to have a chat with PEDRO, the man behind the label.

1° Some introduction first : Do you run YOU ARE THE COSMOS on your own or in partnership with other people?
Just Myself, no one else...

Is this your full time time job or do you also have another job on the side? 
I have another job, well, several jobs...

To what kind of music did you listen to as a teenager and does it still influence your today work? 
60s music

What was your favorite band as a teenager? 
The Kinks

Name 3 bands that you consider still have a influence on your own work as a label manager today.
The Byrds, Big Star... 

2° Some history : Can you tell me when you started it all and why?  
I started in the summer of 2014. Previously, I ran another label 23 years ago, but mostly with spanish artists... but I wanted to work with foreign artists, if you can choose around the world...can you imagine the difference...

Did this idea came to you one day out of the blue or is this something you have given much thought for a very long time? 
Probably one day out of the blue...

What is whole idea behind the label? 
The main idea behind the label is to have the opportunity to release great songs. This was my first idea. The most important thing for me is a great song. 

3° Are you personally involved in the design of the records sleeves?
I try to be involved, usually, the first idea about the artwork is mine. But sometimes it's not possible...

4° What Was the first band signed on the label? How did you get in touch with them? Or did they get in touch with you?
Well, I have released eight 7" at the same time... At first, of course, I contacted to the bands. But later as things evolved, some bands got in touch with me. But mostly the first contact is mine. You Are the Cosmos is still a young, small & unknown label... I look on Internet to find the contacts...sometimes is like a real Sherlock Holmes job... but it's funny.

5° Considering the love of the Spanish people for everything that's powerpop, would you say that YOU ARE THE COSMOS is a typical spanish label or could you have started your label anywhere in the world? What I mean is : Would things have been the same in you lived, for instance, in Germany or in Greece or in Russia?
I think the things would have been the same if I lived in Greenland. But truth is, spanish people... they love the good music.

6° At first, YOU ARE THE COSMOS only released vinyl records but it seems you now also keep an open mind for cds, digital stuff etc...? Is this correct? Are there gonna be more cds in the future?
Yes, the vinyl is my loved format but i don't hate the CD...

7° About TWELVE STRING HIGH in particular: this is really a brilliant compilation. I am specially impressed by the unity of sound and how good all the songs blend together. Some compilations are a really Hodge Podge with some goods songs and some not so goods songs.TWELVE STRING HIGH displays ONLY great songs, can you tell more about this compilation, all the idea behind it and how everything worked out.
Thanks, totally true, I think Twelve String High contains great songs, and--- again, the song it's the most important thing. I worked one year on this compilation...looking all over the world for great songs played on 12 strings guitars. I love the 12strings sound. It's easy to find bands playing 12strings guitars, but it's not so easy to find great songs with 12 strings.

8° What are the plans for the future/next releases in 2017 as far as YOU ARE THE COSMOS records is concerned? 
Too many things in the future... 2017 year, more PowerPop, Folk-Rock & psychedelic sounds too. Current bands, reissues, a special psych-folk compilation...uff, too many things!

9° And now a tough question: For viewers of this blog who don't have much money and could only to afford to buy ONE item from YOU ARE THE COSMOS, which album/cd would you advice?
I love all my catalogue... but maybe Blue Ash is a special band for the YATCosmos history...But Daniel Wylie and The Parson Red Heads also are important people for the label. I can't choose...

10° Any other information you want to share with the viewers on the blog? 
We are a record label but also we are also distributor of other releases/labels. The best way to follow the label is and of course

The Higher State - One Is Not And One Is Real 

Kontiki Suite - Here For You Now 
The Parson Red Heads - It's Hard For Me To Say 
The Junipers - And In My Dream 
The Young Sinclairs - Birthday Card 
Dropkick - Even When You're Gone 
Erik Voeks - She Loved Her Jangle Pop 
The Jangle Band - Love You Too 
The Carousels - Call Allong The Coast 
Arvidson&Butterflies - Tired Of Running 
The Hanging Stars - Ruby Red 
Luther Russell - The Look In Your Eye 
The Reverberations - The Way I Want You 
Elvyn - Lotta Lies 
Deadbeat Poets - I'll Be Standing By 
The BellTowers - She Reappears 
The Beginner's Mynd - Shadows 
Wade Jackson - Coming Back 
The Dreaming Spires - If I Didn't Know You 
Coke Belda - Hold Me Tight 
The Outryders - Thanks For Nothing 
Stephen's Shore - Please Say 

The Sensitive Drunks - There She Goes

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