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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

THE SPASTICS HEARTS - No girls no fun

THE SPASTICS HEARTS, one of the best punk rock bands in the USA,  featuring Jay (Vox/guitar), Mikey (Lead Guitar/Vox), Angi (Bass/Vox), and Casey (Drums) have come up with their Sophomore effort, "No girls no fun" a while ago. 

What you have here are 12 new songs of super catchy, fun, addictive, powerful pop punk with great vocals, driving guitars and an ever pulsating rhythm section. Fans of  The Teen Idols, The Huntingtons, or Teenage Bottlerocket gonna love this....

In order to find out a little more about THE SPASTIC HEARTS, here's a small interview with lead guitarist MIKEY .

How did the 4 of you meet and how long have you been playing together?

MIKEY: Back in the early 2000's i played in a band with Casey our drummer, and briefly played drums for one of Jay's band's before Casey actually took over playing drums full time for them. Angi and I moved to Florida for college years and played in a band called The Hi-Life (2005-2010). We moved back to Ohio in 2010 and began The Spastic Hearts with Jay and Casey shortly after.

Is there a main composer in the band or does everybody contribute? What are your favorite topics to write about in a song?

MIKEYFor our first album, S/T, Jay had most of the tunes written and we then put them together as a band. For the second album I wrote a couple of the tunes in addition to Jay's tunes. We mostly write about girls, partying etc. The fun parts of being alive!!

Do you guys have any video out? 

MIKEYNo videos at this time, hopefully one day! If anyone wants to make a video for us DO IT!

What are THE SPACTICS HEARTS plans for 2015? Any chance to see you in Europe soon?

MIKEY: We are unsure of any set touring dates for 2015, the coming year is a busy one! We would love to come to EU again someday. As for now I'd like to work on another record.

Anything you wanna add?

MIKEYThanks for reaching out to us!!!  xoxoxox

Purchase it here (CD)
or here!records-and-tapes/c128x (vinyl!)

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Unknown said...

I dont understand why The Spastic Hearts aren't like the biggest band in the world!!! This album is so great, we love it so much.