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Friday, June 12, 2015

The Bad Losers - Easy

The Bad Losers (vox: John McLean - guitar/keys: Iain Weir - bass: Cliff Gee - drums: Pat Evans) formed in 2004 due to a shared love of 60s Garage, R'n'B and Freakbeat. 

Their recordings are made in a garden shed where the band have settled down to a long period of home recording in search of capturing an appropriate lo-fi sound. Their debut LP ,called “Easy”, was recorded strictly in analog with often temperamental vintage equipment, very fitting for their 60’s garage sound. 

The record of these fine gentlemen from Bristol, UK, was released earlier this year by Equation Records, a label located in Sommerville, Massachusetts, and the album is filled to the rafters with 15 killer tracks, like "Want You Now", "She's Coming Home" or "Gonna Find Her" that bring to mind the likes of The YARDBIRDS, BARRY AND THE REMAINS,  Roger McGUIN, The CYNICS, The Thanes or The LEN PRICE 3.

The LP comes in a very limited Edition of 215 copies (95 on SPLATTER / 95 on BONE-WHITE / 25 on BLACK)

Purchase it here :

or here
Equation Records

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