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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Belltowers - Day Breakaway

The BellTowers are a Garage Folk Psych band from Orlando, Florida, featuring Paul Mutchler (guitar, vocals), Eddie Foeller (guitar, harp), Marshall Huggins (bass, vocals) and Tom Miller 

"Day Breakaway" their long awaited debut full length is finally here and, boy, was it worth the wait! 

Twelve amazing new slabs of jangle, 60's garage pop bringing back to mind the Paisley Underground bands such as The Rain Parade, The Long Ryders and The Three O'Clock but also the bands that originated it all in the sixties: The Byrds, Love, The Hollies and Buffalo Springfield.

The production by the band itself is absolutely pristine, the arrangements are impressive, the vocal harmonies are suave and the songwriting is brilliant: Sunkissed psychedelia and irresistible hooks, with the band’s electrifying blast of folk-rock garage spangle... If you thrilled to the Byrds, it’s time to meet your new favourite band! 

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Beyes said...

Wow! Sounds jangly good!