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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2 great records released by Low Impact

A couple of months ago, the Swedish label Low Impact has released two amazing records : The Bo-Dogs "Bad Bad Dog!" and The Maharajas "Yesterday always knew" 

1) The Bo-Dogs is a swedish band featuring Nisse Hellberg – Vox, Guitar; Kent Norberg – Guitar, Vox; Chips Kiesbye – Bass, Vox and Patrik Herrström – Drums.

"Bad Bad Dog!" is their debut full length and it is obviously an amazing way to start. Raw and wild guitars, energetic vocals and a rock solid rhythm section that all bring to mind Dave Edmunds and Rockpile's pure good time rock and roll!

The album opener, 'Hey Mr Oil Drop Man' is worth alone the price of admission but the record is filled to the rafters with incredible tracks like "she's got to go", the tremolo guitar driven "Why Don't You Explain" or the dreamy power pop gem "Junk Angel".

The band also seems to have a good sense of humour since they named 2 instrumentals tracks "Dog Meets Skunk" and later on the album "Skunk Meets Dog

So what you have here are fourteen tracks of brilliantly well played good time rock and roll that are ideal to be played loud in your car while cruising down the highway at full speed. Try it and you will be hooked. An absolutely must buy.

Purchase it here

2) The Maharajas should need no introduction to the viewers of this blog since they include veterans/legends of the Swedish neo-garage rock scene. Ulf Guttormsson - Bass and Vocals; Jesper Karlsson - Drums;  Jens Lindberg - Vocals and Guitar; Mathias Lilja - Vocals and Guitar,  ex-members of Crimson Shadows, The Strollers, The Maggots, The Stomach Mouths and more…

"Yesterday Always Knew" is already their 5th full length release and it is without any doubt their best effort so far! Excellent stuff filled with catchy original songs!  The progress and musical development of this band from record to record is remarquable.

The Maharajas are certainly one of the most underrated bands from Scandinavia.

As they state it themselves, "The Maharajas find influences from all good rock made between 1950 and today. Their albums is a mix of garage rock, pubrock, pop, moody punk. It's a timeless rock’n’roll manifest without a best-before stamp" An absolutely must buy.

Purchase it here :


G-Man said...

YES, YES, YES!!!! New Maharajas - Cant wait to hear it - Cheers for the "heads-up" your Ratness.

Unknown said...

Both records are must-haves!

Get it while you can and enjoy 'em!