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Monday, April 24, 2023

The On and Ons - Let Ya Hair Down!

If you are a regular viewer here, you must be aware by now of one of the favorite bands of this blog, The On and Ons! If you're not familiar with this band, The On and Ons are a power trio hailing from Sydney, Australia.

The band is featuring singer/songwriter/guitarist Glenn Morris, his brother Brian Morris (drums/vocals) and bassist Clyde Bramley

After a slew of brilliant albums, “Calling” (2015), “Welcome Aboard” (2017), “Menacing Smile” (mini-album 2020), and “Back For More” (2021), here is their fifth album, “Let Ya Hair Down!”, released like all the previous ones on CITADEL Records.

Hosted in a very groovy cover artwork, “Let Ya Hair Down!” was mixed and partially recorded at Sugarplum Studios and produced by Clyde Bramley and Glenn Morris

The new record finds The On and Ons exploring new sonic textures while at the same time embracing the spirit of The Who ("Games People Play") or The Beatles ("It's not Over") and more generally all the great sixties bands. 

This new album is full of hook-laden songs like "Forlorn", "Lovin' soul" or the title track, "Let Ya Hair Down" that is a soon-to-be classic. Trust me, this is VERY highly recommended.

Purchase the goodies here

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