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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Slander Tongue - Monochrome

When thinking about power pop or 70s-sounding rock’n’roll, Berlin, Germany is not the first town to come to mind. Yet here are Klaus, Chico, Mirko and Axel playing their asses off like if they were in some club in Boston, Mass. And I guess you perfectly know what club I'm specifically referring to.

Slander Tongue's new full length, "Monochrome", is released on the ever so brilliant German label ALIEN SNATCH and was recorded in the full analog recording Studio B/AK18 in their home town of Berlin with the lacquers cut at Lathesville studio.

Monochrome is a really great album with an absolutely great sound and it start off with the ultra catchy -and soon to be classic- "All over the Place", a real rock'n'roll lesson in exactly 2.13".

And from there on it's a real greasy rollercoaster down to the last song of the record, "Barrel of Fun" which is actually an adaption of an Al Gorgoni song that’s on a 1970’s KFC commercial. SLANDER TONGUE is really a band full of surprises. So it was time for this blog to ask the guys some questions.

1) For the viewers of this blog who would not know you, what would you tell about your musical background to introduce Slander Tongue? Can you also introduce all members of the band who participated in the recordings? 

We’re a four-piece rock’n’roll band from Berlin, Germany. SLANDER TONGUE is Klaus on guitar, Chico on bass, Mirko on drums, and Axel on vocals / guitar. We all have played in different bands such as MODERN PETS, King Khan & THE SHRINES, SICK HORSE, BIKES – just to name a few…

On the new record we have contributions of Eblo on piano and several backup singers such as Jeff Clarke of the DEMON’S CLAWS / CLACK LIPS and the girls of THE INSERTS.

We’re usually described as some 70s-sounding rock’n’roll band, but the boys also like to shake their butts in a club to some serious Berlin beats every once in a while.

2) About Slander Tongue's new full-length album "Monochrome", what can you tell about the recording process? Was this a "live" in the studio recording or a track-by-track recording with lots of overdubs?

We recorded the album at STUDIO B in Berlin together with Smail Shock. The basic band tracking was done all live by the four of us together. We did a live test recording for fun there before, and it just felt like the most comfortable way to record… Nevertheless, we also did overdubs on top of the live takes like vocals, lead guitars, piano tracks, and percussions.

3) Do you use the nowadays digital recording technology, or do you only work with analog machines in analog studios?

STUDIO B is a full analog recording studio, and therefore no digital tech was used during the recording and mastering process. I think it fits the sound of the band quite well, but it doesn’t mean that we’re generally against digital means when it comes to producing records. In fact, we’re doing a lot of demos digitally and catching ideas on telephones. Man, life is easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…

4) How would you describe the music you are playing? If I were to call it PowerPop/rock'n'roll à la Real Kids, would you agree with this label? Are you proud of it, or do you consider there is way more than that? 

Call it whatever you want. I like the pop, I like the rock, and I love the roll. Rock’n’roll à la REAL KIDS sounds good, but we’ve already heard that a bunch of times. I’m a sucker for PowerPop, but we’re also living on a thin line. 

In the end, we just do whatever comes out naturally... Of course, you’re always somehow influenced by certain styles, genres, bands and what not, but there’s no such thing that we want to sound like a specific band or copy a certain genre. It’s only rock’n’roll and I like it!

5) What is your favorite topic/topic that comes easily when you write the lyrics to a new song?

Stuff that happens around you, I guess? “Ouch -  it hurts!” It could literally be anything…

6) Do you have a new video on youtube featuring a track from the newly released LP?? 

Yeah! We did a clip of the song “Monochrome” at Wowsville’s basement together with Andie Riekstina. Check it out here: 


7) What can concert goers expect at a Slander Tongue gig? Are you playin' any famous cover songs during the concert?

Expect a serious good time! We don’t really do covers. We did an adaption of an Al Gorgoni song that’s on a 1970’s KFC commercial album called “Have a Barrel of Fun”. Check out the original - it’s fingerlickin’ good!

8) Are there any bands in Germany today you consider yourself close to, musically speaking?

NO MERCY from Heilbronn. Apart from that not really…

9) To what kind of music did you listen to as a teenager? What were your favorite bands as a teenager? Name 3 bands that you consider still have an influence on your own work today in Slander Tongue.


10) What are the plans for for 2023 as far as Slander Tongue is concerned?

We’re having a bunch of shows in spring and during the summer including a short trip in May around the Cosmic Trip Festival in Bourges. We’re planning another tour in Southern Europe / Spain towards the end of the year. Apart from that we’re working on new material for the next records. Stay tuned!

11) Anything you wanna add?

Alberto is a stooge.


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