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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Happy Man - A Tribute To The Sunnyboys

Happy Man - A Tribute To The Sunnyboys

In WAV - Booklet and Tray

This post in dedicated to ANGELO of PPC

1 I Can't Talk To You

2 Show Me Some Discipline

3 Catwalk

4 Seeker

5 Alone With You

6 Love To Rule

7 It's Not Me

8 Tunnel Of My Love

9 Tomorrow Will Be Fine

10 Happy Man

11 Tell Me What You Say

12 Love In A Box

13 Trouble In My Brain

14 My Only Friend

15 Liar

16 Pain

17 What You Need

18 Stooge

Excellent tribute to the seminal SUNNYBOYS by 18 Australian bands delivering recordings from the powerpop smarts of Melbourne's Even & Brisbane's Shifter to the all girl garage action of Melbourne's The Shimmys to the straight out rock n roll attack of the Naked Eye and Cherry Smash.


angelo said...

thanx a lot, really appreciate

habanero said...

Superb!!! TY

Rockandre said...

Thanks very much!