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Monday, August 24, 2020

The Reflectors - First Impression

The REFLECTORS are a power pop/rock'n'roll four piece hailing for Los Angeles, California. Influenced by the likes of Buzzcocks or, closer to their hometown, The Plimsouls or The Nerves, the quartet has released the most utterly perfect debut album, the aptly titled "First Impression". And never was a first impression so convincing. Just the right amount of crunchy guitars, hooks a plenty and instant melodies.

The expression "All killers and no fillers" is often used but in the case of The REFLECTORS, it is the totally true. Purchase immediately two copies of this brilliant album because this record is so good that your first copy will very quickly be worn out! 

This blog had an interesting conversation with James Carman, singer and guitar player in THE REFLECTORS.

1) For the viewers of this blog who would not know you, What would you tell about The Reflectors to introduce yourselves? How long are you guys together as a band?  Who is playing what instrument in the band nowadays? How are you doing in these strange times?

Greetings - We are The Reflectors and we are a Los Angeles based punk and power-pop entity. Formally known as "Images", The Reflectors have now been together for 2 years. We have been a band ever since our childhood, each one of us listening and loving the same music. It's what ultimately inspired us to begin our journey.

The Reflectors are: James Carman (guitar/vox), Johnny Reyes (drums), Ryan Miranda (bass), Nick Faciane (guitar/vox). We are doing pretty good during these strange and Orwellian times. Every day there is a new challenge but as a society we need to recognize and be aware of our surroundings and the people that occupy them. Treat one another with respect and dignity, be the change that we all speak of. I hope for the best outcome after this is all said and done.

2) About the full length record "First Impression", what can you tell about the recording process? Was this a "live" in the studio recording or a track by track recording with lots of overdubs? 

We recorded "First Impression" at Jazzcats studios in Long Beach with Jonny Bell. He has an incredible set up with analog tape machines. It is eventually processed into ProTools Digitally - but the charm is always there. We always record live and then overdub what we need to. We like to keep the process as simple as possible.

3) Do you use the nowadays digital recording technology or do you guys only work with analog machines in analog studios?

Always prefer Analog first - we haven't experimented outside of it but we may in the future.

4) Is there a main composer in the band or is everybody involved in one way or another?

James and Nick are the main songwriters but everyone has a massive role on how these songs pan out. We have been playing so long together that we can sort of read each other's minds when it comes to songwriting.

5) What is your favorite topic/topic that comes easily when you write a new song?

 Anything that is troubling, really. Most songs stem from a way a person feels or a message they are trying to get across. It's also fun to create a narrative in songs - something people can recognize and relate to. And almost every song sounds better with some good harmonies!

6) To what kind of music did you listen to as teenagers and does it still influence your today work? What were your favorite bands as a teenager? Name 3 bands that you consider still have a influence on your own work today.

We grew up listening to all things punk, new wave, rock n roll in all shapes and forms. 3 bands that we loved as a teenager and still inspire us today: 1) Buzzcocks 2) Exploding Hearts 3) The Cars

7) Do you have a new video on youtube featuring a track from the LP?  "Storm And Thunder"

8) What can concert goers expect at a gig of The Reflectors? Are you playing any famous cover songs? 

Well don't expect a gig for a long time! But we like to play with pure excitement and energy. For all of us, there's no better feeling! We hope to get back to gigging soon. Once in every blue moon, you'll hear us playing "Ever Fallen In Love" by Buzzcocks. A tribute to the great Pete Shelley.

9) Are there any bands in California today you consider yourself close to, musically speaking?

The Tearaways featuring Clem Burke, Exploding Flowers, Adult Toys, The Resonars (from AZ), Mogg.

10) Can you explain what the beef is with Burger records and why you choose to longer continue your partnership with Burger Records? Here in Europe we did not get the full explanation and we really would love to have it.

Sexual allegations against some of their earliest bands signed to the label and within some of the staff as well. Once we learned of these allegations, we decided to separate all ties from the label immediately.

11) What are the plans for 2020 as far as The Reflectors are concerned?

We have plans to track our second album with a single. Stay tuned!

12) Anything you wanna add?

Hope everyone is well and safe! These troubling times have been detrimental to our souls - we need to be stronger inside as well as outside. Make sure to support locally and not large corporations who are turning a massive profit at the expense of our lives. Keep up your faith, good health, and be kind to one another! Over and out.

Purchase this flawless album HERE:


Jim H. said...

a FANTASTIC release and great band.......great songs and sound too!!

Curty Ray said...

These guys are killer!

Lucas said...

Hey Man do u had they came they das they conquered by the milkshakes. If u do can reposted plz. Any way great blog