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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Victims - Real Wild Child

The Victims - Real Wild Child
In WAV -Scans are included

1. Gotta Find a Substitue
2. Real Wild Child
3. Lost and Found
4. Buy Your Love
5. Nothin of My Own
6. I Want Head
7. Victims Theme
8. What I Want
9. Too Late
10. Nobody But You
11. Dance with You Baby
12. She's So Hot
13. Annette

This is truely one of the "great lost" late '70s NYC punk albums. These guys are/were completely in touch with the best of everything relating to early rock and roll. Every track on this disc is a killer. It's a total must have. It's only been available on a very small pressing from a long gone label and until now it's been few and far between. Got this way back in day from Patrick of SOTD. So all the credit goes to him.


tom said...

Thanks for posting

Phil G said...

Cheers for this

Inigo A said...

Hi Ratboy, thanks for this super good album from Patrick SOTD (Don't forget him).

What about The Victims from Perth?
If you want i can upload "All Loud On The Western Front" so you can post it.

Saludos from Basqueland
Iñigo A.

Honquijote said...

- Thanks a lot for the post...

DEE DEE said...

Thanks to You & Patrick (RIP)

ratboy69 said...

Hey Iñigo,

It's quite a while since I heard from you, I hope you are doin' fine.

I'm sure the viewers of this blog will be interested in "All Loud On The Western Front" from The Victims from Perth.

Best regards,


limburg said...

Hi Iñigo,

We are interested in "All Loud On The Western Front"!!!!!

And also in my case,to know where are you from (I'm from Vitoria-GAsteiz)


PS. Nice reminder for Patrick. How many good bands were introduced to me by him!!!!!!

Inigo A said...
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Woody said...

Thank you very much for this!!!

G-Man said...

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If you want to join contact him on

Thanks mate,

ratboy69 said...

Hey Iñigo,

My Eric Knoxxville mail address has been hacked a year or 2 ago and I cannot use it anymore.

Could you please send me your e-mail in a comment (it will not be published) so I can get in touch with you again.

Cheers and all the best,


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!!


Anonymous said...

merci MrRATBOY69
et de nous aider a pas oublier Patrick