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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bullet Proof Lovers - Shot Through The Heart on RUMBAR Records

The hardest working man in show business today, KURT BAKER, and his spanish friends Luiyi Costa: Guitars, backing vocals - 
Juan Irazu: Guitars, backing vocals - Gonzalo Ibañez: Bass - Joseba Arza: Drums hit it again under the Bullet Proof Lovers moniker.

Produced by Bullet Proof Lovers & Wyatt Funderburk this new record shows how Kurt ans his amigos bleed, sweat, and shred big hooks, loud guitars, a thundering rhythm section, and pop sensibility, ravaged with elements of Fred "Sonic" Smith, Primal Scream, The Hellacopters, and The Hives... CD packaging includes full Lyric Sheet to all songs, play loud and sing along!!

PURCHASE IT HERE and Get two shots from the Rum Bar with the Bullet Proof Lovers 'Shot Through The Heart' and 'S/T' CD's in hi-def, un-breakable, stere-o-phonic sounds!! All Bundles come with Bullet Proof Lovers band logo Button and Koozie, Alright Alright!!


DEE DEE said...

Excellent! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Excellent recommendation bud!!

Rockandre said...

An exciting band, thanks!