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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Routes - Skeletons

The Routes - Skeletons
In wav - Scans are included
1 At The Bottom
2 Don't Talk On Down To Me
3 El Asesino
4 It's My Time
5 Skeletons
6 Unkind
7 You Ain't Got Soul
8 Day And Night
9 Better Off
10 Into A Hole
11 Don't Wanna Know Your Name
12 World On My Shoulders
13 Meant To Be
14 Be My Jane!lJFQSKYB!n-phE4U7AkjzbvTT0qndNhygVsBJE89RGpKY45ON6r4

Hailing from Hita City in Japan this three piece have released their sophomore full length.

Special thanks to Limburg for this rocking contribution


lmelis said...

Thanks to both for sharing it

Brause said...

Thank you very much for the Skeletons. I was wondering whether you could kindly update the link "Gorillas - Message to the World" posted on 14th December 2014. Another interesting band I am looking for is "Crushed Butler".


G-Man said...

Awesome - dig this band and been waiting to hear this release - cheers limburg and ratboy

limburg said...

I believe this is their 4th!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot mr ratboy !!

don't forget MEGAWATTS radio show is alive :

check :

and if you want add the link on your great blog ,it will be great !



Aitor Rodriguez said...

Kindly diggin' it this saturday night. Rock'n'roll be with you.