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Friday, January 29, 2016

Hydromatics Original recording remastered on EASY ACTION RECORDS

cd reissue cover artwork

The Hydromatics was formed by Nick Royale from The Hellacopters and Tony Slug from Amsterdam punkband The Nitwitz. They planned to recorded a series of Sonic's Rendezvous Band cover songs, but the project was long on hold due to the hectic touring schedules of The Hellacopters. However Tony Slug was able to get a hold of Sonic's Rendezvous Band co-founder Scott Morgan and during the Hellacopters second visit to Detroit, Morgan happily accepted the offer to record with Tony and Nick. 

In 1999, Scott and Nick flew to Amsterdam and met up with Tony and his bandmate Theo Brouwer and The Hydromatics were born.The band rehearsed for six days, played three shows in Amsterdam and wrote some new material for the bands debut album "Parts Unknown". 

Original album cover artwork
I Remember it as if it was yesterday. Summer of 1999. I walked into a record store in the city of Ghent and quite immediately stumbled on the wonderful yellow cover of the "Parts Unknown" album. I bought it on the spot. Back home, when I put the clear vinyl on my turntable I was mesmerized by the soulful power and sheer energy that oozed out of the speakers.

British Rock 'n' Roll label EASY ACTION RECORDS released a remastered version of this brilliant record. The cd displays a wonderful new artwork, two tracks with different mix for 7" singles and also 6 live tracks recorded in Freiburg in 1999. All of this amazingly remastered in the most sonic "in your face" way possible!

Although the Hydromatics made a good solid studio album after practising for six days, after six weeks on the road with the Hellacopters and Zen Guerilla they had turned into a lethal rocking monster.  What the band was capable of on stage can be heard on these six live songs recorded off the board in Switzerland. This is the real deal, with no overdubs or fancy producer tricks. It's a pure adrenalin rush from the very first second to the last feedback-drenched note of the glorious Sonic's Rendezvous Band anthem "City Slang". 

This CD is the second in the series of Hydromatics reissues packaged in card gatefold sleeve featuring unseen photos. 

The band is looking to reform in spring of 2016 based on success of these reissues and tour Europe with Radio Birdman Deniz Tek added to the line up.

 An absolute must buy! Get it here:


Anonymous said...


super bonne nouvelle


Billy said...

Have mine on order was supposed to come last Friday but won't be coming until the middle of february now. Looking forward to it getting here. Have the 1st reissue which is really good as well. Can't wait until the dangerous LP/CD combo is available.

Anonymous said...

theyre gonna do a tour?? also feat Dennis Tek? when/where? looking forward!