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Friday, November 27, 2015

Little Bob Story - Living in the fast lane

Little Bob Story - Living in the fast lane (+6 inédits)
In wav- Scans are included

01 Little big boss
02 All or nothing
03 I'm gonna dress in black
04 Round the corner
05 Riot in Toulouse
06 When the night comes
07 Baby
08 You make me crazy
09 Mister Tap
10 Nothin'else (can give it to me)
11 Hot N'Sweaty. Live in Belfast 1977
12 Music of our life
13 Suzy. French version
14 Night could be easy.
15 You don't need to know
16 She's a heartbreaker  

In 1976/1977 this was the best rock'n'roll band in France. No need to argue, check for yourself. My Little bob's favorite album. Also known as "Off the rails" on CHISWICK RECORDS which might be posted here for Christmas if you kids behave!


Anonymous said...

I met these guys in 1977 or 78 on their first UK tour. They played a college nearby and they were excellent.

Micky Doo Dah

Anonymous said...

hello, thank you very much !
if you have Come see me and Light of my town, it would be wonderfull !

YankeeBoy said...

Does behaving badly count?

Supersonic75 said...

Great band, great LP; haven't heard it in years. The links don't seem to be working at the moment, all goes fine until I actually choose "direct DL"; I get an error msg; same for the torrent version. At any rate, I'll check back and thanks for another cool post.

Ritasse said...

Thanks !

Ritasse said...


Ritasse said...

Thanks !

lmelis said...

That's great. Thanks!
Spoil me and post some more.

mimercier said...

At the end of december Bob return in London for a gig..Probably with surprise guests...
His last album is a great one.