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Friday, November 27, 2015

Dirty Streets - "White Horse"

Alive Natural sound Records is releasing today "White Horse" the fourth studio album of Memphis-based power-trio Dirty Streets.

Formed in 2008, Justin Toland (guitar/vocals), Thomas Storz (bass), and Andrew Denham (drums) found themselves brought together by a shared love of classic acts like MC5, James Brown, Humble Pie, and James Gang. 

After years of playing shows, the band released two independent albums followed by their record label debut, Blades of grass on Alive natural sound records in 2013.

Following the release of this well-received  album, the band now delivers 11 new red-raw tracks of heavy boogie and psych-rock recorded at Ardent studio, with engineer Matt Qualls.

This album is definitely more fluid and natural,” Toland explained. “We made a big deal out of just feeling out the songs rather than getting them technically perfect. Percussion was definitely a compass as far as groove on this one. If we couldn’t play the tambourine, or shaker with feeling then it wasn’t cutting it. It was actually Budos Band that was a huge influence as far as groove goes for the writing of this record.”

Dirty Streets’ White Horse is available on Limited Vinyl, CD and digital formats. The stunning psychedelic cover art was created by Joshua Marc Levy of Asheville Art Family.

Purchase it here :

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