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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

THE CRY! "Dangerous game, US Edition"

THE CRY! "Dangerous game, US Edition"

The CRY! Is a five-piece Rock 'n' Roll band from Portland,  Oregon, founded in 2011, that manages to re-craft the 2 min. pop song for a new generation. The CRY! effortlessly merges 50's style vocal harmonies, the jangle of 60's pop hooks and the glam-rock attitude of the 70's with the raw punkish street emotions.

On March 1st, 2014 the CRY! released their 2nd studio LP "Dangerous Game" in Europe and Asia. Even before it's release the highly anticipated album has earned high-praise within the power-pop community and has garnered dozens of critical reviews.

In Oct. 2014 “Dangerous Game: US Edition” was released as the band’s first american offering. The record features 13 previously released tracks and one exclusive track: “Last Thing That I do.”

14 tracks of 100% pure Rock’N'Roll. If you're looking for 70’s power pop and punk combined with an authentic glam sound, this little gem is going to make your head spin and your feet stomping for weeks. All killers and no fillers, hooks a plenty and top-notch vocals, this is definitely in my top ten of 2014.

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