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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Los Pepes - Los Pepes For Everyone (Wanda Records)

LOS PEPES , best known as the loudest power pop band in the world, is the new London's sensation including 
Ben Perrier: Vocals/Guitar
Seisuke Nakagawa: Bass/Vocals
Guilherme Rujao: Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Shaun Clark: Drums

Late october 2014, WANDA RECORDS from Germany released the band's full length debut  - Los Pepes For Everyone - Twelve perfectly crafted pop gems that hark back to the blessed days of BUZZCOCKS 'Love Bites' or the first full length of The BOYS. 

LOS PEPES high-energy songs are filled with hooks, sing-along vocals, ripping rock'n'roll guitars and an unmissable backbeat. 

Ben PERRIER damn knows how to write catchy tunes! 

Move your lazy asses over to
and get yourself a copy of this fantastic record that comes with a poster/ lyric sheet and a downloadcode!

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Woody said...

Suenan de maravilla. Great band.