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Friday, October 9, 2020

Paul Collins' Beat - Another World Best of The Archives

Alive Naturalsound Records has recently released PAUL COLLINS' BEAT - Another World / The Best Of The Archives.

It took 2 years to Paul Collins to transcribe to his hard drive 40 years of music that was recorded on his countless cassettes. So, culled from his personal archives “Another World - The Best Of The Archives” compiles previously unreleased material going back to 1978 and the early days of the Paul Collins’ Beat. None of the recordings have been released before and all have been carefully remastered. 

This release comes with extensive liner notes by the man himself explaining in detail every song and sometimes bringing back memories of music made with his friend Steven Huff.

 Thanks to Patrick Boissel this blog had the opportunity to do this interview.

1)For the sake of the argument, let's say that a very young viewer stumbles upon this blog for the first time and doesn't know who Paul COLLINS is: what would you tell him about you and your background to introduce yourself and your body of work?

I'm a self taught musician who got his start back in 1974 making music that was not fashionable at all. Because of this we tenaciously stuck to our ideals and became pioneers in the type of music we are known for, punk / power pop.

2)At the end of the 70's /early 80's The BEAT was regarded as the next big thing in Powerpop: arecord deal with Columbia, an album produced by Bruce Botnick filled to rafters with amazingly catchy songs but it seems, in retrospect, that The KNACK got away with the one iconic hit the main public seems to remember from that area ("My Sharona") . How can this be explained and how do you feel about that? Are you bitter about this or not at all?

We weren't really regarded as the next big thing, even though we had one of the biggest managers and record companies in the business,  no one really knew what to do with us or how to market us, so consequently we fell through the cracks. For many years I consumed myself with trying to make it big in the music business, it was very frustrating and in the end pointless. When I concentrated on what I could do, tour and make records, my life became more enjoyable. 

3)Do you think it was easier to be a rock'n'roller way back in the 70's than it is now? Are there any excesses you would not indulge in today? 

I think being good and successful have always been difficult. I would have quit smoking sooner and taken better care of my teeth! 

4) When reading the liner notes of "Another world", it seems that you have in stock way more songs than the ones released on this album. Will you consider giving them away as a download on Bandcamp?  

No, I am very happy with the new record,  it has the good stuff on it, it's what I want people to hear. 

) What is your favorite topic/topic that comes easily when you write a new song?

There is none, writing a good song for me is totally unpredictable,  I never know what is going to pop up!

6) To what kind of music did you listen to as a teenager and does it still influence your today work? What were your favorite bands as a teenager? Name 3 bands that you consider still have a influence on your own work today.

I listened to a lot of AM radio, which was a little bit of everything that was popular,  it gave me a great foundation in music. I loved the bands from the 60's, The Beatles,  The Stones, most of the British Invasion bands, The Beach Boys, The Buckinghams, it was a golden age for rock n roll.My all time favorite band is The Beatles,  no doubt about it! Then I love most of the obvious singers and bands, Stones, Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel,  Jefferson Airplane,  Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley..

7) Are there any artists in The USA today you consider yourself close to, musically speaking?

Not sure, I am not listening to enough these days. 

8) As far as your new recordings are concerned, do you use the nowadays digital recording technology or do you still keep on working with analog machines in analog studios?

I work with whatever is available.  It's the music that I am mainly concerned with. 

and now a few questions from the viewers of the blog:

9) Alain from France tells us that At the time, he had glued the entire cover of the record (30 cm...)on the rear window of his car !! His question is : Why a slow song (You and I) on your first LP ?? Wonderful album ! How did you choose Bruce Botnick to produce it - good choice ? 

A good ballad is so important to a record, it's also the hardest kind of song to write.  I think it's an important part of the record.  Bruce was the absolute best producer The Beat could have ever hoped for, he loved the band, he got us signed along with Eddie Money to Columbia, so there was never any question that he would be our producer. 

10) An unknown Spanish speaking viewer wrote : 1-tienes previsto reeditar el disco ONE NIGHT? Mi vinilo no aguanta mas.esta hecho polvo.2-Encontre en una tienda de segunda mano,el cd Paul collins de JULIO'S RECORDS.Podrías contar algo sobre la gestación y producción del mismo.gracias.KEEP ON ROCKIN'.UN ABRAZO.

Hola, One Night es re edited y tu puedes comprarlo en mi Bandcamp pagina. Todos los musicos nesecito una bootleg discovered esto es mio! No es mi disco favorito, pero hay algunos Buenos temas. 

11) Curty Ray from the USA would like to know what it was like to work with Prairie Prince from the Tubes?

Prairie is amazing, awesome, fantastic drummer and super cool guy. He was our first pick to work with in San Francisco and fortunately for us he was available. He has the best drumming skills!

12) Jobe tells us that One of his favorite all time song is "That's What Life Is All About" so thank you for that. His question is "From going to Columbia then to Passport now on Alive did you have to cater your style to what the labels ask of you?"

No, not really. Columbia wanted hits and the rest of the labels loved us for what we did. At this point I have been with Alive Naturalsound Records the longest, it is a very comfortable and mutually beneficial arrangement. The fact that Alive is the sister company of Bomp! Records makes it even more perfect! 


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