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Monday, June 15, 2020

Faz Waltz - Rebel Kicks

"Rebel Kicks" is a fantastic rock'n'roll album and probably FAZ WALTZ best release so far. The trio can churn out some frantic rockers like the title track or "Born in the wrong time" and at the same time is able come up with a splendid John Lennonesque ballad called "Do you remember".

The band managed to improve the song-writing process with more complex structures and catchier melodies, without losing any of its spontaneity and energy. An absolute must buy!

Rare are the bands which get interviewed twice on this blog. For the release of FAZ WALTZ' latest brilliant album "Rebel Kicks", produced by Brown Barcella and Faz La Rocca at T.U.P. Studio in Brescia, it was worth talking again to main man Faz.

1) A first question about the origins of the band: How did you guys come together and decided to start a band? Were you all attending the same school or living in the same neighborhood?
Have always be a trio including the same 3 guys or were there any changes in the band during all these years?

Faz: Well, in 2007 I had all these songs, I've recorded some by myself under the name Faz Waltz and shared on myspace, so then I decided to find a backing band for live shows and future recordings. I've started with Flav (a friend of mine) on the drums and then put an ad in some rehearsals rooms in my town, looking for a solo guitarist and a bass player. That's how I met Omar and Diego, so we released the first EP in 2008, but after a while Flav quit the band just before the recording sessions of the first LP. Then came Dario on the drums, until him and Omar left after "Life on The Moon"... so Marco joined us for the album "Back On Mondo" in 2012, since then we're 3 in the band.

2) Had you already some musical experience on your instruments when you guys started the band or were these difficult beginnings?

We all had previous bands before and experienced live shows and recording sessions for years.

3) Now About Your latest full-length album, "Rebel Kicks", was it recorded before the corona lock down? You guys are living in the part of Italy which was the most affected by the disease. How did you cope with this situation?

Yes, fortunately we've recorded "Rebel Kicks" just before the lock down. Lombardia, here in the north of Italy, has been hit hard by the virus, now it looks like it's getting better, that's what we all hope now. During the lock down I've worked on the artworks for the album, recorded some live acoustic acts, trained a bit with boxe and painted a lot.

4) Faz Waltz is often described as being a "glam" band. When I listen to this new record, the only real "glam beat" I hear is the one played on "Is it love", a brilliant tribute to the T.Rex song book, by the way. The rest of the album makes me rather think that FAZ WALTZ is a fantastic rock'n'roll/boogie machine but not a glam band. What is your opinion about that?

The sound of Faz Waltz has always been influenced by Rock'N'Roll, Glam Rock, Punk and Pop... every album is quite different but all of these music genres are ever present. I don't like labels too much, but I think we can be easily described as a Rock'n'Roll band or a Glam Rock band too.

5) Why are the 2 latest albums of FAZ WALTZ only released on vinyl and no more on cd, like you used to?

Cause Vinyl had a renewed revival in sales in the business lately, but CDs with all the digital platforms online become a little unnecessary. Anyway, for "Rebel Kicks" we've released the CD version too, cause some Compact Discs enthusiasts were asking for that. You can find it only on our webstore.

6) There is this song on the album called "Do you remember". Every time I listen to it I can't help but think of John Lennon's solo records. Is this a new direction FAZ WALTZ is going to pursue in the future?

I love that song. Well, Lennon has always been a huge influence on my work, so maybe you could be right, but if you listen to all our records there's always been a pop vein in many songs, in most of our albums there's a piano and an acoustic ballad, that's something I can't live without...sorry not sorry.

7) No less that 3 labels joined forces to release this record: Surfin' Ki (Italy), Spaghetty Town Records (USA) and Contra Records (Germany). How does a joint venture like this puts itself together? Do you have to convince personally the 3 labels or is one of the labels contacting the other 2 and putting the joint venture together?

We always used to let the albums to be released from more than one label, I think it can be spread better all around the world. I've personally put the joint venture together between the 3 labels.

8) Do you have a video on youtube featuring a track from the latest release? 

Yes, you can find a video for "Grown Up Guy", released as the first single on 7" and for "Rebel Kicks", with footage from our latest US Tour. On our youtube channel there's also a live piano version of "Do You Remember", recorded during the lock down at my home place.

9) What is the secret of Faz La Rocca's guitar sound? What guitar are you using, what amplifier? And do you use a lot of effects(if so, describe the effects!) or none at all?

My main guitar amp is a 1965 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve since 2011. The guitars I use the most for recordings and live shows are an Epiphone Casino, a Gibson SG and a Mosrite. I use some simple effects:  MXR Microamp, Delay, Big Muff and Whammy.

10) What are the plans for the rest of 2020 as far as FAZ WALTZ is concerned? Are you guys planning to tour Europe to promote the album?

First plan is to get safe and well out of this period, then we hope to go playing live and promote the new album everywhere it will be possible, Europe, USA etc...

Get the new album here

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