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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Geoff Palmer - Pulling Out All The Stops

Hailing from Rochester, New Hampshire, Geoffrey Palmer is one of the nicest persons around in the music business and is best known (so far, wait until his solo career goes sky high ha ha ha) as a founding member, songwriter and guitar player for The Connection and before that, for The Guts.

I had personally the pleasure to meet him on various occasions as he toured Europe. First, as guitar player for the KURT BAKER BAND and a few years later with The Connection.

So when I heard that Rum Bar Records and Stardumb Records were releasing his brilliant solo debut full length record, there was no way yours truly could miss the opportunity to talk with him again and to feature him on this blog. Here it goes:

1)    For the viewers of this blog who would not know you, What would you tell about you and your musical background to introduce yourself? 

Hello, my name is Geoff an I'm an addict….. An addict of Rock'  N' Roll!!! I've been playing this music game for quite some years. A few acts at least in the underground world you might know are The Connection, The Guts, New Trocaderos, Kurt Baker Band, The Queers and, The Nobodys.

2)    About the newly released full-length solo record "Pulling Out All The Stops," what can you tell about the recording process? Can you also explain the title? What are you referring to?

It started as a fun project and, it ended up that way too! I did a session tracking four songs with my buddy Adam Cargin. I was pumped with how it came out. It felt good dusting off the old "punk" chops from back in my youth. I then set up a second, third, and fourth session. Each time at a different studio with different musician friends from over the years. We would learn a few songs and record them. It was a total blast, and I'm super happy with how it came out. The name "Pulling out all the stops" came from Stefan Tijs of Stardumb Records.

3)    Do you use the nowadays digital recording technology, or do you only work with analog machines in analog studios?

Both digital and analog. I love recording to tape, but fewer studios offer that today, and it is a higher price point. Whenever possible I like to get at least the drums, bass and guitars to tape.

4)    Leaving the covers on the side, were your own songs composed for the specific purpose of this record or are that songs you have composed over the years and deemed not fit to make it to a The Connection record?

It started with "This One's Gonna Be Hot." I wrote that and knew it wasn't really a Connection song. That was the catalyst for this whole thing. I always have some songs kicking around, I love writing. I would say 80% was written for this album. A few ideas are older songs I had little demos of that might have been on the table for The Connection.

5)    What is your favorite topic/topic that comes easily when you write a new song?

Ummmm... I think it's all over the place. It could start with a funny line, something I saw in a movie or a situation I was in. I try not to be pigeonholed into a subject matter.

6)    Do you have a new video on youtube  featuring a track from the new LP?? 

Yes, a few actually but I would not call them a "video" in the sense of a big production. I filmed myself on my iPhone and edited together some stuff. It's merely another way to share the songs for marketing. It is not some art piece that tells a story. Don't expect November Rain, haha! For the track "Giving In," I stole an idea from The Replacements Bastards of Young. Keep it simple!

7) Are you gonna put a band together and perform this solo album on the road? Are you gonna play any famous cover songs live? 

Yes, I do plan on doing some live shows. Still trying to figure out who is available to be in the "band." I will have news about that later down the road. As far as "famous" cover songs… We won't be doing any Beatles but probably a song by The Vapids or Gino and The Goons. They are pretty famous in my book!

8) Are there any bands in The USA today you consider yourself close to musically speaking?

That is hard to answer. There are quite a few impressive records that have already come out in 2019. I listen to all kinds of music from top 40 hits to very small independent bands on basement record labels. For the genre I think my record fits in (punk, pop-punk, power pop) I would say the standouts so far this year are The Suck, Local Drags, Steve Adamyk band, Brad Marino, The Gold, and Big Eyes to name a few.

9) Does your solo album and also the solo album of Brad mean that the Connection is on a indefinite hiatus?

Not really. The Connection will do something again sooner than later, probably. Brad and I have been talking about it. Both of us like to keep busy musically, love writing, recording, and always have songs kicking around. When the Connection does something, it is planned out. We set time aside and make the Connection. There is plenty of time outside of the Connection for either of us to work on other musical ventures. 

10) To what kind of music did you listen to as teenagers? What were your favorite bands as a teenager? Name 3 bands that you consider still have an influence on your own work today. 

Outside of the Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Ramones, and Tom Petty (If you don't like those bands, why are you playing RnR?). I would say Green Day (and anything Billie Joe does on the side), The Dwarves and The Lemonheads.

11) What are the plans for 2019 as far as your solo career is concerned?

I don't have any real plans. I will probably do some shows and work on another LP and/or EP. This "solo" thing didn't start with a road map. It was a fun project to keep myself busy. I'm still having a great time, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the reaction. Like with most things I'll do it until it isn't fun anymore. Rock N Roll is supposed to be a happy feeling, a party and I like fun!

12) Do you remember that last year you had promised me a "Wish You Success" CD but never actually sent it? :-)))     

Now that you mention it, yes I do, and I'm sorry about that. Looks like I need to make good on my word. I will get that CD in the mail along with my solo album!

13) Anything you wanna add? 

Thank you for the questions!! It is super cool you reached out to me. One of my favorite things about music is the friends I have made over the years. You are one of those people!!

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