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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Les L............s - Etoile Savante

Les L...........s - Etoile savante
En WAV - Scans inclus

Une excellente surprise de notre agent special à Kuala Lumpur. Merci beaucoup à lui!
Grab it while you can!!P9MAHLCR!MXIkq5VssHRyFWm-QUnwmI8-JC4x1eRsX0TmBOCy1gE


Pubbi said...

Thanxxx for this one. A very nice and excellent surprise.

Johnny Yen said...

Awesome surprise!!!
Thanks a lot!

aoxomoxoa7 said...

He Ratboy - what a nice surprise, thx very much, cheers, Karl

Anonymous said...

I grabbed it (of course!), but it's got the same problem as the Complete Professionals zip and won't open, "Damaged or in an unknown format" message. Anything I should do differently with these two?