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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Motors - Approved By The Motors

The Motors - Approved By The Motors
In Wav - Scans are included

1 Airport
2 Mamma Rock N Roller
3 Forget About You
4 Do You Mind
5 You Beat The Hell Outta Me
6 Breathless
7 Soul Redeemer
8 Dreaming Your Life Away
9 Sensation
10 Today
Bonus Tracks
11 The Day I Found A Fiver
12 Cold Love (Live)
13 Be What You Gotta Be (Live)
14 i. Picturama ii. The Middle Bit iii. Soul Surrender
15 Today (7" Version)

Approved by the Motors is the second studio album by The Motors, originally released in May 1978. The album only spent 1 week in the UK Albums Charts reaching number 60. Four singles came from the album, "Airport", "Forget About You", "Today" and "Sensation".
The Motors had just completed a 5-week tour of the USA when they started recording the album on 1 February 1978. The album was produced by Peter Ker and the two main songwriters in the group, Nick Garvey and Andy McMaster. It was mostly recorded at Pathway Studios, London and engineered by Andy Miller at IBC Studios and Pathway Studios, Basing Street Studios, Olympic Studios. This album used some material that had been written by McMaster and Garvey before the band had formed the year before.


djcarl said...

Amazing!I like this!Maybe someone want find a similar samples to these tracks, i share with u -

Anonymous said...

Thanks for The Motors discs, really enjoying them. I hope Tenement Steps is coming up soon.


musicyoucan said...

Thanks a lot Ratboy69 for Airport, one hit of the Motors.

Douglas said...

I didn't have the bonus tracks....Thanks!

Douglas said...
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Jay Dee Gee said...

Thank you / merci for reposting this!!

Gary said...

Was a big fan of The Motors, pity they never made it out here for a tour, thanks.

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

Love this album. Always have. I think they were onto something with their blend of soul/bubblegum/punk on songs like "Forget About You" and "Soul Redeemer." Most people prefer the first album, but the songs here appeal to me more. I will say "Do You Mind" is totally strange.

Glad I bought the vinyl in mint condition at the Princeton Record Exchange back in the days when no one wanted vinyl. They practically gave me the record! Anyway, great to see it in digital form with extra tracks. I have a 12-inch red vinyl single of theirs and I have to go check what's on it -- maybe some of these songs.