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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Woggles "Fractured"

The Woggles "Fractured"
In WAV - Scans are included

1. Fractured 
2. You Turn The Hex On Me 
3. Takamatsu Twist 
4. C'mon And Swim 
5. Believe Me Little Girl 
6. Feelin' The Humidity 
7. No Time To Lose 
8. Doin' The Montague 
9. Catch A Tiger 
10. Love Is Such A Vise 
11. Up On The Rooftops 
12. V.I.P. 
13. Bleedin' Me Down 
14. Kingdom Of Nye

The Woggles in their own words :"Fractured's release in 2000 combined a number of longtime favorite songs from the Woggles live set, plus a slew of recent tunes road hardened over the past few months prior to recording. Finally making its way onto album is the show finale "Doing the Montague," in which the Gue calls out to the initiated to, "Get together and form a line, make it quick don't waste my time!" It ain't right to keep the big man waiting, especially a man with an appetite. Like he says,"Steak and chicken in breaded suits. Both of these are my favorite food groups!"
While touring Japan in 1999, the Woggles were fortunate to play in Takamatsu. While there, the kids turned the band onto a new version of the number one dance craze of all time with a new twist, the "Takamatsu Twist," that is! Other highlights include rockin' and rollickin' numbers like "Believe Me Little Girl," "Love Is Such A Vise," "You Turn the Hex On Me," plus the Dan Electro penned anthem "No Time To Lose."
On the dancin' side Buzz wants to let all the people know about true southern comfort in "Feelin' the Humidity." The Professor lectures on the proper treatment for celebrities, like the Woggles, in "V.I.P." and all the boys give the great Bobby Freeman a run for his money with a killer version of "C'mon and Swim."
The album winds up with what should be the theme song to Art Bell's radio show "Coast to Coast." Titled the "Kingdom of Nye," the song takes you on an alien abduction through cattle mutilations and ends up in a seperate dimension!"

Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution


Buns O'Plenty said...

nice blog! I have you on my 2 blogrolls, thanks for all the great posts

rbarban said...

Jim Diamond just left Georgia where he was sound producing soon to be NEW Woggles album....waiting anxiously.

Woody said...

Thank You Very Much!!

lmelis said...

Thanks to both for sharing and posting