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Monday, January 23, 2017

Paul Collins' Beat - The Beat

Paul Collins' Beat - The Beat CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe
In WAV - scans are included

1. Rock N Roll Girl 
2. I Don't Fit In 
3. Different Kind Of Girl 
4. Don t Wait Up For Me 
5. You Won't Be Happy 
6. Walking Out On Love 
7. Work-A-Day World 
8. U.S.A. 
9. Let Me Into Your Life 
10. Working Too Hard 
11. You And I 
12. Look But Don't Touch

The main selling point of this excellent CD reissue is the amazing
packaging which features a professionally reproduced mini replica
of the original full size LP jacket originally released in 1979 on
Columbia. The sound is crisp and near-perfect, demonstrating how
well these classic recordings have held up through the years. Most
hardcore fans of The Paul Collins Beat are aware that many of the
songs on this album were originally written and recorded as demos
during the existence of Paul Collins' previous bands, The Nerves
and The Breakaways. For example, Collins wrote songs such as
Working Too Hard and Across The USA while touring and
performing in The Nerves. Many of these songs were first
introduced to their respective audiences. With music videos on
MTV and international albums and tours, The Paul Collins Beat
reached a higher level of recognition than The Nerves or The


Superbillie1 said...

Many thanks for Paul Collins.
Awesome post!
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Anonymous said...

That didn't last long. :(

ΚΒΔ said...

thanks a lot