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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hollywood Stars - Shine Like A Radio

Hollywood Stars - Shine Like A Radio
In WAV - Scans are included

  1. Supermen Are Always Gentlemen
  2. Kings Of The Night Time World
  3. Tough Guys
  4. Shine Like A Radio
  5. Russia
  6. Don't Let The Kid Down
  7. Escape
  8. Roses and Rainbows
  9. Its Got To Be Today
  10. Satisfied Electric Fingers
  11. Last Days of Rock 'n' Roll
  12. Modern Romance

Los Angeles 1973... In the morass of indulgent singer/songwriters and post hippie platitudes, Kim Fowley had a dream: A re-invention of mid 60s energy and ethics adapted for hard rock kids in a way ''little girls could understand'': The Hollywood Stars were born. The great white hope of Rock 'n' Roll and the ultimate Teen Band infused with Powerpop hooks, killer Proto Punk riffs with a sprinkling of Glitter and the right attitude. With monster tunes by Kim Fowley, Mars Bonfire (Born To Be Wild) along with band originals, the band were bound to be the Next Big Thing. Amongst all the excitement the band were signed to a major label and the scene was set for world domination. Only it never was... Fast forward to 2013. A ¼'' tape containing a rough mix of this legendary record is found. Unexpurgated and untainted by any superfluous effects, but mastered with the right care and attention, the album is finally released for the first time - 39 years too late! Remastered from the original recordings, these songs are released here for the rst time ever. Features the original versions of King of the Night Time World (covered by Kiss) and Escape (covered by Alice Cooper). Limited vinyl gatefold release (1000 copies worldwide) includes a booklet crammed with rare and unseen photos, as well as the extensive story of the Hollywood Stars' lost album, told in Kim Fowley's own words. ''I asked the guys if they wanted to be in a West Coast version of the New York Dolls, and they said yes.'' - Kim Fowley.


Another Rolf said...

Thanks. Power pop. Good stuff.

tom said...

Thanks for posting - I'd be interested to hear their Arista LP

Honquijote said...

- Thanks for this and other earlier posts & have a great new year...

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ratboy69 said...

The Arista stuff was posted earlier and still available here :

tom said...

Thanks - Happy New Year