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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

THE UGLY BEATS “Brand New Day”

GET HIP Records released Brand new day, the fourth and latest full length record from the Ugly Beats! Following up on the success of MOTOR!, this hard working Texas garage band has come up with 12 new brilliant songs and there is a little bit for everyone here.

(check their record collection: they got it all good! :-))

Instant hard rockin’ classics (”Brand New Day,” “Up on the Sun,” “Throw Me a Line”), hook-laden power pop songs (”I Want That Girl,” “Gone for Good”), and folk-rock tracks reminiscent of the Byrds (”All of the Things,” “Braced for the Fall,” “Long Row”).

Also worth noticing, 2 covers: Tim Hardin’s “If I Were a Carpenter” and a revved-up cover of the Spanish folk-rock classic “Los Gusanos” originally done by Los Flecos.  

As always with the Ugly Beats, the songs are 60's influenced and yet refreshingly new and modern at the same time. Another amazing record from the Ugly Beats and an absolute must buy!

Purchase it here


Phil G said...

Another winner!

Phil G said...

Another winner! said...

THE UGLY BEATS - Brand New Day - NEW LINK, PLEASE'N'Thanks. said...

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