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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Some reups

The Morlocks-2010-Play Chess
in wav - Covers are included
1. I'm A Man
2. Help Me
3. Killing Floor
4. Smokestack Lightning
5. Who Do You Love
6. Boom Boom
7. Promised Land
8. Sitting On Top Of The World
9. You Never Can Tell
10. Feel So Bad
11. You Can't Sit Down
12. Back In The U.S.A

The Morlocks aren't some smoothed-out, swagged-out screw-ups toting stage passes and guitars; The Morlocks are a living, sleeping and breathing embodiment of the garage punk they've perfected and long performed. The music they create is the lifeblood of their cause, a cause which is as much a point of pride as a way of life. The scars, breaks and bruises earned along the way serve to magnify the only truth they know. Growing up fans of Chicago blues-rock legends like Howlin' Wolf and Bo Diddley, L.A.'s The Morlocks' shared love of all things related to Chess Records created a natural inspiration to pay homage to some of their musical heroes with their fourth long player. The resulting album: The Morlocks Play Chess!!RYEWhSKK!NkhmbWhAKD3XS-m2fvB0PeZ6WsxarTnSG6g34U7h4mU

Thanx to Chris for this great contribution!!!

The Spongetones - BEAT MUSIC
In Flac - Scans are included
1 Here I Go Again
2 Tell Me Too! 
3 Cool Hearted Girl
4 Take My Love
5 Part Of Me Now
6 She Goes Out With Everybody
7 Every Night Is A Holiday
8 Don't You Know?
9 Where Were You Last Night?
10 You're the One
11 Better Take It Easy
12 Eloquent Spokesman
13 This Kiss Is Mine Tonight!9NlAiSrD!lGmROnLvRDXcP_q44ZPAgDSauZQJE5jTP85U0vXp29o

Special thanx to  JPaul for this brilliant contribution! 

Odnoder Teab - Teem Odnoder Teab (2011)
In wav - Covers included

1. The Sweetest Sound 
2. The Spell I'm Under 
3. My Baby (Knows How To Have A Real Good Time) 
4. Break-A-Heart 
5. Do You Wanna Have This Dance? 
6. Melina 
7. Full Moon Child 
8. Shoop Shoop 
9. Can't Wait Until Saturday Night 
10. I'll Never Let You Go
Influences run the gamut from early `60s Brill Building songwriters and related East Coast Girl Group sound, a touch of Doo Wop, the sound of mid-`60s convertible top-down summertime Southern California and early `70s teenage AM radio Raspberry City Rollers flavored love-affairs. It is pure pop as seen through the eyes of the best decades of original rock `n' roll music with all the drive of late `70s punk powered `80s power pop. If you like TEEN MACHINE or the 2 first solo albums by Sylvain SYLVAIN, this will be right down your alley! The best pop album of 2011. No less.

Special thanx to JuniorRatboy for this great contribution


dado said...

Gracias! Danke! Merci !

dado said...

Gracias! Danke! Merci !

Jim_Spyropoulos said...

Thanks man

EffectsPedalsHQ said...

Thank you very much :)

Jacobo said...

You plan re-up the Lolas cdS?

tomg said...

Thank you ratboy and junior ratboy!

tomg said...

Redondo Beat LP: very nice, Spongetones LP: very nice also!

thumbs up for the re-ups

Kirill Z. said...

Thanks! Спасибо!