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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

COZY - Button by Button

COZY is a four piece glam/teen outfit from Minneapolis, Minnesota 

The band includes BONKERS WADDINGTON: Lead vocals 
BAZ BOSWORTHY: Lead guitar, Acoustic guitar, Moog, Vocals 
GORDIE LEATHERBY: Bass, String machine, Phase module, Vocals 
FABIAN BLOCKBUSTER: Drums, Percussion, Phased gong,Vocals

HOZAC RECORDS has just released COZY's debut album "BUTTON BY BUTTON". 

Wearing their influences (Slade, Hello, The Bay City Rollers, Sweet) on their sleeves, the guys of COZY have managed to recreate the perfect teenage sound filled with pounding drums and raunchy guitars. This first full-length is a real glitter masterpiece of DENIM RAMPAGE.


DEE DEE said...

Excellent! Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

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