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Monday, August 25, 2014

and the winner is


The Fall-Outs - Here I Come and Other Hits 
In FLAC - Scans are included

1 Here I Come  2:00  
2 Brothers  1:52  
3 Like Me  1:31  
4 I'm Going Home
5 Greed  1:27  
6 Dug My Grave  2:11  
7 Another Fad  1:12  
8 She's Out There  1:24  
9 Bury My Body 1:46  
10 Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It 2:03  
11 Brainiac  1:36  
12 Scarecrow  2:45  
13 Our Company  1:24  
14 You Just Can't Win 2:06  
15 Won't Get Far 1:57  
16 Don't Want The Sun  2:00  
17 Selling Answers 

Here I Come and Other Hits collects Fall-Outs recordings from 1986-1992 (proving that the band was a bit ahead of its time on the modern garage scene) -- given the wide span of material to choose from, the record winds up with a level of consistency that's far higher than any of the band's studio releases. Here I Come... is also more raw and adrenalized than the band's later releases -- and, given the Fall-Outs wild and bluesy garage sound, this might seem like a good thing -- but later releases like the band's self-titled album actually manage to lend traces of depth and sophistication to this sound that's slightly preferable. 
~ Nitsuh Abebe, All Music Guide


Anonymous said...

Great Band!

Kirill Z. said...

Thanks foк this!