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Friday, March 20, 2015

Vince Taylor - Jet Black Leather Machine

Vince Taylor - Jet Black Leather Machine 
In ape - Scans re included

1. Brand New Cadillac
2. Jet Black Machine
3. My Baby Left Me
4. My Babe
5. What'cha Gonna Do (When Your Baby Leaves You)
6. I'll Be Your Hero
7. Move Over Tiger
8. Sweet Little Sixteen
9. Baby Let's Play House
10. Twenty Flight Rock
11. Memphis Tennessee
12. Jezebel
13. Endless Sleep
14. Pledging My Love
15. Cold White & Beautiful
16. Long Tall Sally
17. Jeanine, Jeanine, Jeanine
18. Right Behind You Baby
19. I Like Love
20. Shot Of Rhythm & Blues, And Blues
21. Hi Heel Sneakers
22. Rock N' Roll Station

Here are all of the high points of Vince Taylor's musical career  gathered together on one CD. All phases of Vince's career are covered, with tracks from the Parlophone, Palette, Barclay and Davantage labels. Since the 50s he has been an icon to rock'n' roll weirdness, cited by David Bowie as a one of the influences on the invention of the Ziggy Stardust character. The Golden Earring named a song "Just like Vince Taylor" on their masterpiece MoontanVirtually everbody will be familiar with Vince's `Brand New Cadillac', covered of course by the Clash on their "London Calling" album. Not my rip.


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