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Monday, March 23, 2015


I recently mentioned their latest 45 on Market Square records, but previously to this, WINDIAN RECORDS released the full length debut album of Richmond Virginia’s THE AR-KAICS.

The band is featuring Kevin, Johnny, Tim and lovely Patty on drums. They describe themselves as playing what they call "troglodyte teenbeat 60s-style punk". And by that, my friends, you should understand a circa 1965 or 1966 Garage Punk in the fine tradition of the BACK FROM THE GRAVE, PEBBLES or TEENAGE SHUTDOWN compilations.

And indeed if you close your eyes you will have the feeling of listening to one these 60's compilations but this time around you will only have the killers (“NO, NO, NO”“THIS TIME TONIGHT” “YOU'LL BE MINE”) and not the fillers that more too often appear on that said kind of comp's.

The album was recorded remotely during a week-end in the woods at RAG’S BB&R by JEFF KANE and contains 13 brilliant and refreshing tracks with plenty of hooks and choruses catchy as hell. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST BUY.

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1 comment:

GaragePunk66 said...

Sounds great, just snagged an LP from Windian! Thanks for the introduction to the Ar-Kaics.