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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

FAZ WALTZ - "Move Over"

Footstompers all over the world, from Cantù, Italy, I give you the amazing Glam Rock/Rock'N'Roll trio, FAZ WALTZ, featuring Faz La Rocca:vocals,guitar,piano - Diego Angelini: bass - Marco Galimberti : drums.

photo by Mircalla Broglio

The band has recently released his 4th full length, "Move Over" and  the least you can say is that the guys came up with a real master piece! All killers and no fillers.  There ain't one weak track in sight! And in the modern music world this has become VERY rare! 

Faz La Rocca really knows how to write 10 songs, all catchy as hell. What you got here is T.Rex, Slade, The Jook, Hello and Gary Glitter all rolled in one.

Brilliant guitar work, a strong rhythm section and -most important- great songs with plenty of hooks and sing-a-long choruses.

If you like nowadays bands like Giuda or Eight Track Stereo, this is right up your alley! A MUST BUY!

The band is planning a tour in Germany and Spain for this summer and is already working on some new songs too.

purchase it here :

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