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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Delta 72 - 000 reupped by request

The Delta 72 - 000
In WAV - Scans are included

1. Are You Ready?  
2. The Doctor Is In!  
3. Just Another Let Down  
4. 3 Day Packet Plan  
5. Incident @ 23rd  
6. I Feel Fine  
7. Ten Lbs.  
8. Hip Coat  
9. Great Paper Chase No.1  
10. Sun The Secret Prince  

The Delta 72 has played around with their sound from their inception during the mid 90's. Soul, punk, R & B, and jazzy instrumentals have all had a spot in the D72 sound, but with 000, they seem to have grooved their sound into one cohesive ROCK and ROLL machine. And this machine kicks it. Comparisons have come up to the Rolling Stones (of the 70's). Their most solid recording, 000 is filled with Gregg Foreman's slide guitar and funkarific "Wooh"s and "Yeah, yeah"s, Mark Boyce's keys and the driving beats of Jason Kourkonis's kit and Bruce Reckahn's bass. A couple of tunes feature gospel backup that work very well with the driving music. A few instrumentals are also on the record in keeping with the D72 playlist. An awesome record from a band that should have deserved more recognition.

Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution!


Woody said...

Thank you very much RatBoy - Limburg...Cuantos discos conozco gracias a vosotros. Salud!!

Anonymous said...

What a record and what a gift! When I asked for it, I was far from thinking you would post it so quickly. You made my day. Thank you so much, thanks to Limburg too, and congratulations for your blog,
Belu Lagosi

Anonymous said...

PS: Will you be interested in their first one, "The R&B of Membership" (I can't remember if you have it)?
Yours, Belu

ratboy69 said...

@ Belu: Yes i'd be interested in "The R&B of Membership" if you can provide a LOSSLESS format (wav or flac)+ Scans.

Thanks a lot.

Eric (aka Ratboy69)

Anonymous said...

Bear with me until the weekend (I'm away from home for work) and I'll post a WAV version of it.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!!!

Joey R.A. Mone said...

F**in' awesome!
Thanks a mil.

Anonymous said...

Belu Lagosi said:

The Delta 72 - The R&B of Membership (WAV)

Will be deleted on 13 March, 2015.

ratboy69 said...

@Belu: Thanks a lot, Man!