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Friday, March 27, 2015


UK born Mike Stax moved to the States in 1980 and played bass for many years with the Crawdaddys, the Tell-Tale Hearts and the Hoods. In 1996, he decided he wanted to be the singer and frontman for a change, so he formed The LOONS.

The band released his first album "Love’s Dead Leaves" produced by Ebbot Lundborg of Soundtrack of our Lives in 1998.

There were a few lineup changes after that, but for the last ten years or so it’s been Mike Stax (vocals), Anja Stax (bass), Marc Schroeder (guitar), Chris Marsteller (guitar) and Mike Kamoo (drums and production). Their most recent album, INSIDE OUT YOUR MIND, is just released by legendary label Bomp.

The LOONS if admittedly influenced by all the great ‘60s era bands like the Pretty Things, Q65, the Outsiders, the Seeds, the Monks and the Music Machine to name a few, come up with a very modern and refreshing version of garage-psych. Pushed in the back by a rock solid rhythm section, the twin guitars drive the band all the way to the stars while Mike Stax belts out the lyrics.

The new cd opens with the infectious rocker “Siren City”  with its driving beat and Stax's mantra like repetition of the ultra catchy chorus. INSIDE OUT YOUR MIND is an album of many contrasts, where frantic garage rockers like “Cruel Grey Fog” and “I Don’t Live There Anymore” rub up against haunting, West Coast-flavored pieces like the very beautiful “Moon and Tide” and “Head in the Clouds"

If you are a fan of garage/psych rock it is absolutely essential that you seek out  all of The Loons cds but this new one in particular. 

Purchase it here:

Special thanx to Suzy and Patrick

The Loons Inside Out Your Mind Album Release Party

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 28 2015 at Casbah
2501 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101
Doors open at 8:30PM
Ages 21+ Only


Woody said...

Mike Stax es ya una leyenda para los fans del garage revival. Los discos de Crawdaddys, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Hoods y The Loons tienen que estar en las estanterías de cualquier amante del garage rock que se precie.

Thank you for this post.

Joy said...

Nice post