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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Strollers - Captain Of My Ship

The Strollers - Captain Of My Ship
In wav - covers are included

01 There Ain't No Cheatin' 
02 Tears In My Eyes 
03 I Don't Care 
04 I'll Be Gone 
05 Not Good Enough For You 
06 She Ain't Nobody 
07 Don't Try To Change Me 
08 Fire 
09 Never Coming Back 
10 She Can Get It 
11 Captain Of My Ship 

Captain of My Ship, the band's 2000 sophomore effort, expanded the band's sound and added much-needed bottom to the album's mix.

More melodic if less intense, Captain's diversity points to bigger things.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Galileo 7 - False Memory Lane

The Galileo 7 - False Memory Lane

Allan Crockford is not only bassist extraordinaire for Graham Day and The Forefathers (and before that for the Prisoners, Prime Movers, Solarflares), he is also the master brain behind The Galileo 7 where he reveals himself as a very fine guitar player, a brilliant lead singer and subtil composer of all of the songs. 

Bass player in Galileo 7 is none other that Mole almost as legendary as Allan for his contribution to garage faves The Mystreated and current band The Higher State. Viv Bonsels (organ, vocals) and Russ Baxter (drums) are the 2 other partners in crime. 

Galileo 7 latest and already third album, "False Memory Lane", was released on Fools Paradise and it is a real master piece. The production is flawless and the playing and singing are simply amazing. But do not expect to hear another take on Medway garage here! Allan and the band  are trying to do something a little different. If a track like "Don't Know What I'm Waiting For" is not to far away from The Len Price Three, the use in the title track of Mellotron and some acoustic guitar give to the record a fine psychedelic pop vibe not too far from some of the late ’60s Kinks. A real must have!

The vinyl comes with a 3 tracks bonus CD and a digital download (for those of you who still don't get that mp3 is NOT the future of rock'n'roll!)

Make yourself a favor and buy it here :


1. Don't Follow Me
2. My Cover Is Blown
3. You're Not Dreaming
4. False Memory Lane
5. Nobody Told You
6. Don't Know What I'm Waiting For
7. I'm Still Here
8. Tide's Rising
9. Fools
10. Don't Want To Know
11. Little By Little

"Mere Self Anomaly" Bonus CD EP (included with vinyl edition only):
1. Blank Spot
2. Over And Over
3. Reynard The Fox (Julian Cope Cover)

GALILEO 7 is :
Allan Crockford - vocals, guitar
Viv Bonsels - organ, vocals
Mole - bass, vocals
Russ Baxter - drums

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Strollers - Falling Right Down!

The Strollers - Falling Right Down!
In Flac - covers are included
1. Let Me Come On In 2. Bad Situation 3. I Fell Right Down 4. Little Cheater 5. Won't Stand It 6. Get Lost Child 7. I Saw It Coming 8. Lies 9. Tell Me Tell Me 10. She'll Be Mine 11. Memories

From Sweden, the Strollers are among the most accomplished emulators of 1960s American garage punk in the early 21st century with the petulant yet aggressive vocals, ominous wiry guitar fuzz riffs, keening Farfisa organ, and more of a sense of pop hooks and vocal harmonies than many revivalists feature. The band's first album, Falling Right Down is all edge. The Strollers are an assault force.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Vice Barons - Deadbeat at dawn

The Vice Barons - Deadbeat at dawn

January 1995 saw the release of "Deadbeat at down" a very limited fanclub cassette including alternate takes or never released tracks by the VICE BARONS.

To celebrate the soon to be 20th anniversary of this VERY rare item, a digital version is now available for the first time ever on BANDCAMP

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The BBB's - Best Of The BBB's Volume.1

The BBB's - Best Of The BBB's Volume.1
In Wav - Scans are included

1 You're Making Me Cry
2 Are You Ready for Christmas
3 What'd You Get
4 You're Gonna Live
5 Gonna Make Her Mine
6 The Echo
7 Put Your Foot Down
8 I Do
9 Keep the Beat Rockin'
10 Try to Get You
11 You Can Get There
12 Piece of Your Heart
13 Knee Wash
14 In My Mind
15 Rip It Up
16 Let's Dance On
17 Sit Right Down and Cry
18 Don't Throw It Away
19 Hey Mrs. Sippy
20 Rest of Your Love
21 It's All the Same
22 Another Chance
23 To You
24 GT Rocks Jingle
25 B.B.B.'s Live at the U of R

This is an oddly fascinating record, as it covers the nearly two-decade career of a band all but unheard of outside of a 25-mile radius of Rochester, NY. As such, Best of the B.B.B.'s, Volume 1 shows why it is that some local bands stay local. This is not to imply that this band, a power pop group led by singer-guitarist Luther Holtzman, who's the only constant member on these tracks, is without merit or talent, merely that there's a notable lack of world-beating ambition on display here. 
These 25 tracks, recorded between 1982 and 1997, include such parochial standbys as a Christmas single (actually two of the best tracks here), a radio jingle for a local business, and a snippet of live tape recorded at a dance marathon at the University of Rochester. 
Holtzman's other songs are genial guitar pop along the lines of the Raspberries, Shoes, or other Beatles-fixated power poppers of the '70s, and they too have the relaxed "this is just a hobby" vibe of a guy making records intended to please no one but himself. 
In an age where most albums are micro-managed and focus-grouped down to the tiniest detail for maximum commercial impact, this genuine indifference is quirkily satisfying. Review by Stewart Mason -

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Gorillas - Message To The World

The Gorillas - Message To The World

In wav - covers are included

1. Foxy Lady 
2. I'm a Liar 
3. I Need Her 
4. Going Fishing 
5. New York Groover 
6. Outa My Brain 
7. Waiting For You 
8. No Way In 
9. Last Train 
10. Message To The World 
11. It's My Life 
12. My Son's Alive 
13. I'm Seventeen

Fronted by Jesse Hector and emerging from Crushed Butler, this is the Gorilla's only album... and you've got to love a band that looks soooo good; grown out Small Faces haircuts and insane outta control sideburns... not to mention Jesse's Rupert Bear yellow tartan Oxford bags in his classic mid-seventies style period.... and music that at its best is brutal post-mod glam stomping... check "New York Groover" on this : a tune which is every bit as good as their outstanding Chiswick Records singles "She's My Gal" and "Gatecrasher". This band should have been huge either on the basis of their looks or their music, or both, toss a coin and decide which...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Sunnyboys -Shakin' - Live August 1991 reup

The Sunnyboys -Shakin' - Live August 1991
In Flac - covers are included
1.1    Intro        
1.2    Tell Me What You Say        
1.3    Comes As No Surprise        
1.4    My Only Friend        
1.5    I Can't Talk To You        
1.6    I'm Not Satisfied        
1.7    Guts Of Iron        
1.8    Too Young To Despair        
1.9    Liar        
1.10    Individuals        
1.11    It's Not Me        
1.12    Tomorrow Will Be Fine        
1.13    I'm Shakin'        
1.14    Trouble In My Brain        
1.15    Happy Man        
1.16    Show Me Some Discipline        
1.17    Alone With You        
1.18    Love To Rule        
1.19    Tunnel Of Love        
1.20    Seeker 

2.1    Alone With You        
2.2    What You Need        
2.3    The Seeker        
2.4    Love To Rule  

Phantom Retrospective Series Recorded at the Central Club, Melbourne, Vic, Saturday 10th August 1991.
Bonus CD (RHCD-16 EP) is their first release 4 track EP originally released on Phantom on 12" on 31st July, 1981, recorded at Trafalgar Studios, October 1980. On the cover "Intro" and "Tell Me What You Say" are listed as one track but they are separated on the CD.

Special thanx to  JPaul for this brilliant contribution!