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Monday, August 18, 2014

And the winner is .....

Sugar Stems

The Sugar Stems - Can't Wait
In wav - Scans are included

1. Greatest Pretender
2. Like I Do
3. Can't Wait
4. Landline Static
5. Magic Act
6. Get To You
7. Told You So
8. Make Up Your Mind
9. Love You To Pieces
10. 6 Feet Under

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The choice is yours

The choice is yours :

YOU will have to choose the next post:

On my left : The Sugar Stems, Milwaukee outfit that mixes bubblegum and power pop

On my right : Tiger Bell, the Cheerleader-punk outfit from Sweden

The band that gets 20 votes in the comments will be the next post.

Anonymous comments DO NOT COUNT. 

Il est temps de sortir du bois, mes petits canards!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Takin' Out The Trash! - A Tribute To The Trashmen

Takin' Out The Trash! - A Tribute To The Trashmen

In WAV - Covers are included

1.The Untamed Youth - Bird Dance Beat
2. Neanderthals - King of the Surf
3. The Bay-O-Wolves - Henrietta
4. Los Mel-Tones - Miserlou
5. Tony & The Tribesmen - Same Lines
6. Thee Phantom five - Tube City
7. The Krontjong Devils - Bird Bath
8. Evan Foster Surfing Band - Kuk
9. Fortune & Maltese - Sleeper
10. The Neptunas - New Generation
11. The Sprague Brothers (w/ Deke Dickerson) - Surfin' "Sanford" Bird
12. The Volcanoes - Bad News
13. The Woggles - On The Move
14. The Boss Martians - A-Bone
15. The Saturn V - Whoa Dad
16. The Surf Trio - Wild Cat
17. The Del-Vamps - Bird '65
18. Jonny & The Shamen - It's So Easy
19. Neanderthals/Thee Phantom five - Church Key
20. Sir Baldie & His Wigouts (W/Rockin' Enocky) - Sally Jo
21. The Penetrators - Malaguena

If you like the Trashmen, then you will love this tribute to one of the greatest surf bands of all time and stomp to the bird dance beat!!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

THE ABOVE's New LP "Waterbury Street"

For those of you who have spent the last couple of years in outer space, a little reminder might be useful: THE ABOVE is an amazing (and i mean AMAZING) band from Brooklyn, New York, including David Alan Horowitz - vocals, guitars, harmonica, mellotron; Frank Caira - bass guitar, vocals; Matt Marando - guitar, vocals, piano, tanpura and Jason Trygstad - drums, percussion, vocals, guitar. 

This four-piece is massively influenced by the sounds of British-era R&B,  (think KINKS, the WHO, The Birds, The CREATION....) and know how to write memorable and exciting songs.

THE ABOVE's New LP "Waterbury Street" out now on Teen Sound Records!! One great song after another, this is definitely a must buy for all the MODS or FREAKBEAT fans.

Purchase the vinyl version of this record at (North American customers) & (International customers) 

You can see THE ABOVE live on 08/16/2014 (i.e in less than a week away) at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn,with also Muck and The Mires, The Stents, and Quitty and The Don'ts. 8PM, $8!


Friday, August 8, 2014

Squire - Get Smart!

Squire - Get Smart!
In wav -  Scans are included

1 The Life   
2 It's Too Bad   
3 Jesamine   
4 Take A Look     
5 When I Try, I Lie    
6 Standing In The Rain    
7 You're The One    
8 You Don't See Me    
9 Every Trick (In The Book Of Love)   
10 Stop That Girl!     
11 Get Smart!   
12 In A World Of My Own 

One of the better outings from Anthony Meynell and Squire. Poppy, catchy, happy tunes that just perk along at a nice pace, leaving you with a smile on your face.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

THE RICKY C QUARTET - Recent Affairs

Formed in 2011 and including Ricky C on vocals, Joe the Dog on guitar/b vocals, Sam Hall on bass and Jimmy Jones on drums/b vocals, THE RICKY C QUARTET is without any doubt one of the best and ballsiest rock'n'roll bands in the U.K.

They confess they started the band based on a mutual love for Slaughter and the Dogs and Radio Birdman, but the guitar playing also brings back flashes of Johnny Thunders and the heartbreakers and a healthy dose of pub rock influences.

But what really sets these fine gentlemen apart from the rest, is that they damn know how to write catchy tunes filled with hooks ("Back to Melbourne", "Rock the boat", the latest single, "I miss you").

This is definitely one of the top ten records of this year.

Move your lazy asses over to
and get yourself a copy of this fantastic record that comes with a poster/ lyric sheet and a downloadcode!

And if you feel like a big spender, you can go for the Ricky C Quartet - limited Total Pack that includes  the Recent Affairs LP ( in white vinyl),   the I Miss You EP (in  splatter vinyl) and a T-Shirt (white).

While you're at it, check out the other great stuff the nice people at WANDA RECORDS have in store and in particular The Gaggers,  - Blame You.

The Gaggers were formed in 2009 by Terminal Gagger on lead vocals and bass (The Botox Rats, Shanghai Wires, Disco Lepers) and Dagger Gagger on guitar and vocals (The Blow-Outs, The Seminals, The Hateful) with Busy Signal on drums. Razor sharp punk rock that will damage your head as they say. Comes in a gatefold cover with a poster + sticker and a downloadcode.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Squire - Get Ready to Go!

Squire - Get Ready to Go!
In flac-  Scans are included

1 The Face Of Youth Today    
2 I've Got You On My Mind    
3 It's A Mod Mod World    
4 Make Love To You    
5 B.A.B.Y. Baby Love    
6 Live Without Her Love    
7 Sandy    
8 The Youth Of Today Are Gonna Make It    
9 Has Our Love Gone Bad    
10 Get Ready To Go    
11 Livin' In The City    
12 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend    
13 The Place I Used To Live    
14 I Don't Get Satisfaction    
15 To Keep Me Satisfied    
16 Modern Love In A Modern World    
17 Noonday Underground    
18 Saturday Shopping    
19 I Put My Arms Around Her    
20 Over You    
21 Don't Cry To Me    
22 In A World Of My Own 

This collection is a MUST for all of the Squire`s fans. You`ll find not one bad track here,from the rockin`first single"GET READY TO GO" right through to the balladry of "OVER YOU" and"IN A WORLD OF MY OWN".The tracks here(from 79-83)show just how good Squire were with a lot of the abandoned "GIRL ON A TRAIN" L.P.sessions.Along with The Chords and the Purple Hearts these guys know how to make music,so dig out yer parka and let the memories come flooding back.