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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Two fab new 45s on Market Square by The Ar-kaics and The Belltowers

In 2012, Paul Messis, brilliant solo artist in his own right, started his Sussex based DIY record label "Market Square Records" .

The main idea behind the label being to put out records by bands who have a good ethic, who actually mean it when they play their songs and do not strive per se for commercial success.

On 16th March 2015, two fab new 45s by The Ar-kaics and The Belltowers will be released on "Market Square Records" and i can only urge you to purchase a copy of each.

The Ar-kaics - Always The Same b/w Let Me In MSR-07

The Ar-kaics blasted into the world in 2013 and since then the band has gathered momentum with continuous live shows across North America and a handful of really cool 45s on various labels and the release of their self-titled debut LP in 2014.

The Virginia based quartet featuring Kevin Longendyke - Guitar and Vocals,  Johnny Ward - Guitar and Vocals, Patty Conway - Drums and  Tim Abondello - Bass has a great way of putting frustrations and angst into a vinyl groove.

Top-Side 'Always The Same' kicks off with Patty Conway's primal drumming, reminiscent of Miriam Linna/Maureen Tucker drum styles. The group then launches into a three-chord tirade with Kevin singing in a typical 60's garage-punk fashion. The whole track has an incredible "The Cramps meets The Troggs" feel to it.

The Flip  'Let Me In' sees The Ar-kaics enter more moodier climates with reverb heavy guitars. The song in general has a real desperation feel to it, but this is where the genius lies, the track ebbs and flows for 4 minutes, yet the track is amazingly hypnotic.  

Recorded in Richmond Virginia Winter 2014.                                                             
Limited to 300 copies only, housed in a super authentic brown paper bag and a hand-numbered postcard

The Belltowers - Here To Stay b/w Lovin' You (Leading Me On) MSR-08

Florida based folk-rock group The Belltowers, featuring ex-Lears frontman Paul Mutchler - Vocals and 12 String Guitars, Eddie Foeller - Guitars, Mandolin and Harp, Marshall Huggins - Bass and Keys and Thomas Miller - Drums and Percussions have been going since 2006.

Here To Stay b/w Lovin' You (Leading Me On) hears The Belltowers continuing in their Byrdsian take-over with their high quality twelve-string janglers and Paisley-Underground inspired folk-rock.

'Here To Stay' the A-side, is a perfect paisley pop song with continuous Rickenbacker jangle, harmonies and an underlying Hammond organ swirling gently beneath bringing to mind early 80's bands such as The Rain Parade and The Three O'Clock. One can only admire the great level on musicianship and the songwriting skills.

The B-side 'Lovin' Me'  is a short and dynamic jangler, Mutchler sounding more like Roger McGuinn than McGuinn himself. Once again, the Rickenbacker 12 strings guitar chimes all through the song which has a great  Long Ryders country-rock feel to it as well.

Recorded in Orlando, Florida  Winter 2014                                                            

Limited to 300 copies only, homed in a Market Square company sleeve, contains multi-coloured hand-numbered inserts and a limited 150 qty Q and A insert


Gyro1966 said...

Tremendous folk-rock 45 by The Belltowers. Both of these 45's are really worth buying!

Gyro1966 said...

Ok - This sold me, I went ahead and bought both 45's.

Unknown said...

Paul Mutchler (Vocals/12-string Rickenbacker) formerly of The Green Today(1980's) and The Lears (1990's) has taken all that was great in those previous bands and combined them into this unique but familiar sound that is The Belltowers! Their first album will be released shortly and is not to be missed by any lover of jangle & harmonies!!