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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Young Ladies - We get by

The Young Ladies is a Brooklyn NY based garage/pop punk band.
Formed in 2011 by Ryan Seagrist (guitar and vocals) and Pat Schramm (drums), the two wrote the bands first handful of songs featured on their demo. Later they added members Ralph Balboa (guitar) and Jon Murray (bass) in 2012 to complete the lineup.

The band features members of Monikers, Latterman, Bridge and Tunnel, Discount and Daytrader. As they say it themselves with a good dose of tongue in cheek humor, despite the misleading name there are actually no young ladies in this band, just some weird old dudes.


Their debut full length, We get by, contains 10 pop gems and has just been released on No Breaks records. The band is planning an east coast tour this summer.

Purchase it here:

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