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Friday, June 17, 2016

Thee Fine Lines - Splittin' Time

Thee Fine Lines are a Springfield, MO band that plays rough and ragged rock & roll music. The band is featuring Jason Kearbey - drums/percussion; Justin Kearbey - vocals/guitar/organ and Kevin Schneider - bass/backups/harmonica and has be around since 2001. Thee Fine Lines' long-awaited 3rd full-length record, "Splittin' Time" was released last year on WRR (WEE ROCK RECORDS)!

This time, they've branched out with a better recording and more variety! Special appearance by Grammy award winning Joe Terry of the Skeletons on two tracks!This brilliant record will please to every fan of Thee Mighty Caesars, The Milkshakes, Thee Headcoats, The Sonics, The Kinks, The Troggs, The Wailers, Downliners sect, The Seeds.

Yours truly had a little chat with drummer Jason about WEE ROCK RECORDS:

1° Do you run WRR  label on your own or in partnership with other people? - WRR is run by Me (Jason) and Justin since 1995.  Our friend Dan joined in on the party in 2006.

2° Can you tell me when you started it all and why?  Did this idea came to you one day out of the blue or is this something you have given much thought for a very long time? What is whole idea behind the label? - It started out as kind of a joke in high school when we would record crappy tapes for our first band.  We really like labels like Lookout and Sub Pop so we thought "we might as well make up our own label thing to put on these things".  When we actually got better and started playing shows, we put out homemade cassettes with that label on it.  We met other local bands and then would record them and put out tapes by them, too.  We got into the CDR thing but then pressed our first record in 1999.  Since then we have released 15 7" records and 5 LPs.  We mostly focus on our local and regional scene with a few bands we have met out on the road mixed in.  We aren't really very good business people and we really just like releasing records by bands we like!

3° What Was the first band signed on the label? How did you get in touch with them? Or did they get in  touch with you? - We don't really sign bands.  Actually we have never ever signed anything!  It started out mostly as a vehicle for our own releases, but then others on the label are mostly friends that we trust and like.  No one has every made any money off this - and we have lost tons of money!!

4° Will you only release vinyl records or do you keep an open mind for cds, cassettes, digital stuff etc...? - At this point we really just do vinyl with download codes.  We wouldn't rule out other things, but that is where our hearts and interests lie.

5° What are the plans for the future/next releases in 2016/2017 as far as WRR record label is concerned? - We have a Springfield MO band only local 12" compilation in the works.  It is called 12x12 and will be out by the end of the year!  After that we don't know because our money situation is always a bit spotty.

6° Any information you want to share with the viewers on the blog? All of our records are available in Europe through Soundflat!! In the States, purchase all bands HERE :

Other great bands on WEE ROCK RECORDS:

The Gardenheads - Growing Season. The Gardenheads are/were a band from Springfield from 2011 - 2015.The Gardenheads make the sort of garage-rock that transcends decades and boundaries: West Coast hippiedom and sumptuous, upbeat rockers, work well alongside pop-punk gems. If you like the Posies or the Replacements this is right up your alley.

The Safes - Record Heat: Here it is, The Safes' brand new LP--on white vinyl! It's a fresh blast of pop rock n roll magic at its very best! Recorded by Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Sonics), Jason Ward (Arcade Fire) and The Safes' own Patrick O'Malley, "Record Heat" explodes with a supersonic crunch and stellar sharp songwriting. The Safes give you 10 hit singles that make one killer record packed with clever lyrics, electric energy, and hooks that hurt. The 3 O’Malley brothers have built a large following in their native Chicago with infectious, guitar-driven power pop. Fueled by a strong family chemistry, The Safes make smart, melodic music.

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