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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Faz Waltz - Callin' Loud

Once again FAZ WALTZ ,our favorite footstomping/glamrocking Trio from Cantù, Italy, featuring Faz La Rocca:vocals,guitar - Diego Angelini: bass - Marco Galimberti : drums has delivered the goods with their latest release, "Callin' Loud".

Their previous record, "Move Over", was great but this one is a real masterpiece. And this is no wonder since our main man Faz La Rocca knows how to write brilliant and ultra catchy songs. You hear them once and they get stuck in your head for days.  

But this time The Trio, which started out in 2007, has taken his influences (Hector, Hammersmith Gorillas, Jook, but also the Bon Scott era AC / DC science of riffage) one step further, adding a certain dose of powerpop à la Cheap Trick and has come up with a sound totally of their own, putting them among the best european bands of the last decade! 

This record is filled with fat guitars riffs, a tight and groovy rhythm section and -most important- great songs with plenty of hooks and sing-a-long choruses. But it is not about revival or nostalgia of a past era, on the contrary, it is absolutely fresh and lively. It is a real pop record in the truest and most honest sense of the word. A record you gotta LOVE.

This is a must have and will certainly be in your top 10 of the best records of 2016.

Purchase the vinyl or the digital download here; the CD will be out soon:

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DEE DEE said...

Sounds good! Thanks a lot.