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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kevin K And the Kool Kats - Allies

Kevin K And the Kool Kats - Allies
In Wav - Scans are included

1 Allies of Rockin Roll
2 This Time Around
3 Lost My Marbles
4 Red, White and Blue
5 Meet Me at the Party
6 Countdown for a Doll
7 Give Me Back My Girl
8 Hells Kitchen
9 That's Madrid
10 Crazy For You
11 Cool Fools
12 New York City
13 13th Street
14 Jennifer Love
15 Son of Sam
16 Wanna Know That Girl
17 Heartbroken Again
18 Over and Over
19 Seduction
20 Scissors
21 Days Move So Fast
22 She's So Fine
23 Sundown

Kevin K has made a career out of playing the music he loves.  The CD "Allies" was written to honor Kevins dad WW2 vet who landed on the beach on D Day.The first 6 tracks feature Ricky Rat ( Trash Brats ,Texas Terri,Luxury Pushers,Ricky Ratpack) on guitar along with Kevin K himself with Richie Buzz, Laura Bomb kicking out the rhythm's.These tracks just bring that Dolls, Dictators, Heartbreakers down in the Bowery feel and the guitar track just class up the joint too.

Now the next 6 song seem to have a more west coast punk feel... maybe its the different guys playing with Kevin on them maybe its by design. Still great tracks with tons of melody from Kevin, Daune Rollick and Billy Summer.

 And as an added bonus he's remastered his 2001 classic CD 13th Street and included it here with Allies. This is class A stuff and should not be missed.


DEE DEE said...

Excellent! Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Too Much Junkie Business from Kevin K 13th Street ???

Anonymous said...

Hi Ratboy69, thanks for Kevin K and dozens of great stuff you're presenting on your blog - for me one of the greatest blogs - an everyday visit - thanx for all, best & kindly regards, aoxomoxoa7