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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Juvie - You ain't gonna Rock and Roll no more

Travis Ramin is no new comer in the rock'n'roll world. Musician and producer hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, the man has been in some fierce rock bands like the Fevers, The Short Fuses, the highly acclaimed Tina And The Total Babes or Nikki Corvette and the Stingrays to name a few.

His latest project, JUVIE, has just released its debut LP "You ain't gonna Rock and Roll no more" on Surfin'Ki records (from Italy)! Originally recorded as a MAD magazine give away, Juvie delivers Good times Rock and Roll in the styles of Sha Na Na, Gary Glitter, Brownsville Station, Lowe/Edmunds, and all those rockers who played 50's style rock and roll in the 70's.

The album starts off in the best way possible with "Hot Lisa" a frantic rocker that sets the tone for the rest of the album: short but catchy as hell songs with tight guitars and a solid drum beat. 

"53rd and 4th" follows and has a very cool The Knack beat to it and a synthesizer intro riff that also brings to mind the heydays of the CARS or DEVO. "You're gonna look like a monkey when you get old" is another sped up rocker with crazy vocals. 

Those 3 tracks alone are worth the price of admission but the record contains one more crazy rocker "Somethin' ain't right" (featuring female backing Vocals by Maggie Lofboom , Annie Sparrows , Kim Price) that proves, if prove was needed, that Travis Ramin is at his best when he is playing straight forward rock'n'roll .

About the Juvie record, Travis comments : "We wrote all the  songs on the spot in the studio and recorded them right away just to keep it dumb and fun. Written and recorded same day, no over thinking.
And the band will hopefully tour Europe this fall, if everything goes according to the plan!

Travis is also working on his "solo" album to be produced by Kim Shattuck of the Muffs.

Highly recommended! Purchase it here:

or HERE :

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