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Monday, March 7, 2016

The Connection celebrate five years of rock with an expanded CD release!

The Rum Bar Reintroduces Rochester (NH) Rock Royalty! The Connection celebrate five years of rock with an expanded CD release of their very first vinyl recordings. order today!

All Rum Bar orders come w/ New England's Newest Hit-Makers BUTTONS!!!
Friends in Europe can order direct from: Sugar & Spice mailorder today!!

Boston fans, friends and family, do not miss out and catch The ConnectionLIVE this Saturday March 5th at the Plough and Stars w/special guestsJeremy and the Harlequins!! Facebook event page!!

Back in March of 2011 Geoff and I were just friends who liked to hang out and listen to music and drink some beers. We had played in bands that had played together before but never had the idea of playing together come up. Until one day we were playing some guitar and while Geoff was in the other room I played a few song ideas I had been working on- Upon returning Geoff exclaimed " What was that?!" and pretty much at that point we knew we had to start a band. Those songs were " All you gotta do" and " I want you". A few days later we wrote "Stop Talking" which is still one of my favorite songs by us. After laying down some demos we recruited Andy and Chris to join the band and we hit The Electric Cave in Portsmouth, NH to lay down our first 3 songs on May 8th 2011. After that me and Geoff were hit with a wave of inspiration and constantly bouncing song ideas off one another and collaborating. "Its Alright" and " Little Lies" soon followed and after Chris mentioned we needed a jangly Byrds type riff I started "Learn your game". I had recently discovered The Chesterfield Kings after seeing Dee Dee Ramone wearing their shirt in a book I was reading and soon after heard "Baby Doll" which he had written for them. It was the perfect cover song to do for the album. "My Baby Likes to Rock and Roll" had started a couple years before as a collaboration between myself and the wife of my former bandmate Denny Rydell and it perfectly fit what we were doing so we used that to round out the album. The remaining 5 tracks were also done at The Cave on a weekend in June 2011 with Drew Brown engineering and co producing.

We played our first shows that summer and the whole thing took off from there. Once some music blogs in Spain and Japan picked up on our self produced videos for "Little Lies" and "Stop Talking" we really started to gain some attention. In October we pressed 100 copies of the album on white vinyl and assembled all the sleeves ourselves on a cold October night on my girlfriends front porch. All 100 sold out within a week and after that Rumble Records and SP Records in Spain and Japan pressed their own CD and Vinyl versions in early 2012. The original line up of The Connection didn't last long but its what got the band started and I know I can speak for Geoff in saying this album holds a special place in our hearts! Its now back in print on any format for the first time in a few years through Rum Bar records so now is your chance to own the album that started it all for The Connection!

- Brad Marino/January 2016

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