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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Bad Beats - His Vengeful Hand

The Bad Beats are a Canadian garage/ Rock'n'Roll quintet from Vancouver, BC, consisting of Cam Alexander - Vocals Adam Payne - Guitar; Richard Katynski - Bass; Derek McDonald - Keys; Michael Nathanson - Drums.

Their debut full length album, "His Vengeful Hand" , was released recently on the German label Soundflat records.

The album kicks off with "Knock yourself out", a soon to be classic garage rocker that sets the tone for the rest of the record: strong but melodic vocals, monolithic guitar riffs, a swirling organ and a powerful rhythm section. Their rendition of Shocking Blue's "Send me a postcard" comes next and is given the Bad Beats treatment, i.e. completely boosted with all the needles in the red.

Other fine covers include the Mono Men's "Watch outside", The Sparkles "Hipsville 29 BC" and "Love has no time" from The Miracle Workers LP "Inside Out" but the bands original songs are all great as well.

Bad Beats have not compromised sound quality in the name of authenticity. Although they stare back into the past, the sound you hear does nothing but look into the future.Whereas some bands feel the need to doctor their sound, The Beats don’t believe in studio gimmicks and prefer their sound to be unadulterated. 

This is a great album and I can only advice to buy it here:

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