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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Man or Astro-Man¿ - Your Weight on the Moon

Man or Astro-Man¿ - Your Weight on the Moon
‌In WAV - Scans are  included

1 Rocketship XL-3  
2 Secret Agent Conrad Uno  
3 Electrostatic Brain Field  
4 Shockwave  
5 Taser Guns Mean Big Fun  
6 F=GmM(moon)/R²  
7 Space Patrol  
8 Happy Fingers  
9 Destination Venus  
10 Polaris  
Bonus Tracks
11 Name Of Numbers  
12 Of Sex And Demise  
13 Madness In The Streets  
14 Within A Martian Heart  
15 Point Blank  
16 Classified  
17 Secret Agent Conrad Uno  
18 Point Blank  
19 Goldfinger

Man or Astro-Man¿ were probably one of the better instrumental bands (with the VICE BARONS, of course :-) of the nineties. This CD version of "Your Weight on the Moon" displays Some of their best stuff, in my humble opinion.

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