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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Modern Kicks - The Kicks Ain't Alright

Modern Kicks is a fantastic Glam/Powerpop four piece from San Francisco, California, consisting of Ant Boyd - Vox/Guitar Alex Stiletto - Lead Guitar Stephen Sims- Bass/Vox Sean Glass - Drums/Vox.

In the vein of the early Biters/Wyldlife/The Cry the quartet is playing great American Rock’n’Roll!Their latest offering, "The Kicks Ain't Alright" was released a while ago but this is well worth doing some research and checking it out. 

The 6 tracks cd is filled to the rafters with super catchy, powerful glam songs with great lead and backing vocals, driving guitars and an ever pulsating rhythm section. 

In fact the only real complain one could make is that the cd is TOO SHORT! Another 4 tracks to make it a full length had really been welcome and would have made this a real classic of bubblegum chomping, power pop stompers of ‘70s glam rock.

Former Thunder Boys, Zachary James, who also released a great powerpop/glam record in 2009 under the moniker "The All Seeing Eyes", produced the 2 opening tracks : "Up All Night" and "We're All Alright". But my personnal favorite song here is the anthemic "Teenage Overdose". GREAT STUFF!

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